Body milks and creams for a hydrated and scented skin

Put a protective film on your body by combining softness and hydration of milks and creams Les Sens de Marrakech.

Body milks and creams essential for hydrated skin

The application of a body milk or a cream helps to preserve the hydration of the skin. Body milks and creams are diverse. We distinguish oils, balms and milks.

Oriental milk from Les Sens de Marrakech is enriched with argan oil and sweet almond oil. It has a fluid texture and penetrates quickly. It is recommended for dry to very dry skin as it will provide instant nutrition and hydration. It should be applied every day after the shower or bath in circular motions.

Body creams should also be applied to the feet and hands. The cream "De Mains à Mains" with shea butter will bring softness and soothing to the hands. While the Foot Cream "Pieds à Pieds" nourishes dry feet with shea butter, argan oil and fig seeds.

Using a nourishing care adapted to your skin

A nourishing treatment is suitable for dry to very dry skin, it will deeply nourish the epidermis and fight against external aggressions such as cold and heat. Body milk will restore elasticity and suppleness to the skin.

The cream "Délices d'Orien" is a delight for the body. It has a very rich texture. It is made of shea butter known for its nourishing properties and argan oil. It will soothe and moisturize the skin from the first application. It is suitable for dry skin and attacked by the sun or the cold.