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Care & spa

For your well-being and your spa sessions, take advantage of our quality products, we offer you different types of care adapted to each of your needs.

Hammam care

At the origin of the beauty was the Oriental bath and its purification rituals. For both the softness of the soul and that of the skin, the care of the Moroccan Bath combines scrub with olive soap, rhassoul paste and for a complete ritual a comforting massage 100% argan.

Les soins du Hammam

Body care

« Sable du désert » Desert sand, « cocon de karité » shea cocoon, « crème exfoliante de mandarine » tangerine exfoliating cream, « pâte d'argile » clay paste, oxygenate, purify, nourish, soften, every body care has been created for immediate and visible effectiveness. True and effective care for a holistic journey out of time.

Les soins du corps

Rest care

With khemoussas of herbs from Marrakech herbalists, or oussadas with seeds. The perfect combination of traditional kessala massage in Marrakech and the generous gestures of oriental women today, these treatments invite you to dream and escape.

Les soins du repos

Skin care

Ingredients from Moroccan plants, care recipes handed down from generation to generation, skin care specific to each type of skin soothe, repair, regenerate, balance without false promises. Perfect alliance between naturalness and efficiency.

Les soins du visage