Valentine's Day Gift Set

Celebrate love with the people you love. This intense burgundy box combines the useful (6 small soaps and a body lotion) with the pleasant, it is SO cute and can be kept forever. A body and olfactory delight to experiment.


This love box contains: 3 Orange Blossom soaps 20 Gs + 3 Amber & Musk soaps 20 Gs + 1 Mandarin body lotion 60 ml.

Compositions & ingredients

For the composition of each product, please refer to the corresponding data sheets.


  • Amber and musk

    In Morocco, a legend tells that once Amber served as a protective talisman and that, mixed with musk, it was the ingredient of some love potions.

  • Orange blossom

    A source of body and mind benefits, this delicate and sensual scent is acclaimed and even adored for its soothing and relaxing scent.

  • Fragrant Mandarin

    A shower of aromatic herbs crept into this mandarin warmed by a winter sun. A hymn to Oriental spices where basil flirts with freshly harvested citrus fruits. Discover the orange body lotion and other products from the fragrant mandarin range.

  • Natural Argan

    A flagship ingredient at Les Sens de Marrakech, cosmetic argan oil is used in 90% of our facial and body products.

  • Aloe vera

    It shoots, it stings, it is sometimes red and especially unpleasant, it is the daily life of a sensitive skin. That is where Aloe Vera comes in. Aloe vera is a plant from the desert plains that has a fabulous juice. It soothes, softens and can fight against all forms of irritation.


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