Men's skincare, a unique range with natural ingredients

Men's skin has specific needs. That's why we dedicate to them a range of treatments, composed of natural ingredients from Morocco.

When nature goes to the service of male skin

Often neglected, men's skin still rarely receives the care it deserves. However, it must face many attacks: internal (fatigue, stress) and external (sun, pollution). It is essential to take care and maintain it, to prevent the appearance of the first signs of skin aging.

We have therefore designed a range of men's cosmetics, based on natural ingredients produced and manufactured in Morocco. Olive, aloe vera, argan oil or sweet almond oil: let yourself be lulled by the scent of these exceptional natural products, while enjoying their soothing, toning or purifying action on the skin. Our men's treatments are directly inspired by Moroccan traditions and customs, but also by their manufacturing secrets. We take care to select quality products to compose them: each of our men's cosmetic care combines several active ingredients, intended to nourish your skin, moisturize and sublimate it. So stock up on vitamin E, antioxidants or fatty acids with our intense fluid! This cream, which can be used after shaving, will help soothe irritation, reduce redness and eliminate tugging after your daily shaving sessions.

Men's skincare in a box so you will not miss any of it

Our boxes will give you a complete overview of our range of men's skincare: you will find shower gels and body oils, but also facials like our intense fluid or our shaving cream for men . All in a nice box of Moroccan inspiration, ideal to offer an original gift or just make you happy. Discover our range of care for men, based on natural ingredients and inspired by Moroccan artisan traditions.