Mixed perfume Les Sens De Marrakech for men and women

Our mixed perfume is composed of natural scents such as leather, crumpled leaves or incense, it is suitable for men and women of all ages.

Mixed perfume, original, adapted to each of us

We have developed a mixed category in addition to our category mainly dedicated to women to break the barriers: these perfume was not only thought for our customers but also and especially with our special box for men. We do not present floral scents but authentic and true smells.

Mixed perfume, a revolution of modernity

We consider that soon this differentiation in terms of perfume between the sexes will no longer be necessary. So let's add our range of mixed perfume to the heart of modernity; more than a way to beautify itself or to mark one's identity as a man or a woman, an odor contains in itself a whole world of sensation and can be appreciated only for what it is. That's why we chose in this category "mixed perfume", these particular smells that recall the material, a raw, organic authenticity rather than perfume with too ethereal lines or floral stamps. For example, the incense, the leather, the crumpled leaves have for common point being one a burned matter, the other of the dead skin, the last the characteristic smell of the autumn, to remind us of a lost time and deploy a nostalgic range of perfume.

Les Sens de Marrakech mixed perfumee created by a team of specialists

Breaking with the traditional spring scents, our team of specialists at Les Sens de Marrakech made a decidedly modern choice for this category of mixed perfume. It's your turn now to break the codes and order one of our perfume.