Natural mini-beauty products for travel

Compose your travel kit with these mini-format natural beauty products , they also fit perfectly into your travel bag. Their mini-format allows you to take them everywhere with you and help you to pack as light as possible.

The best natural mini beauty products for travel

Did you like all our beauty products with natural ingredients in their full size format? Well, you will still love their mini format version. Whether it's your favorite face care made in Marrakech, your bath and body care or your body creams and oils: they are now available to easily enter your travel kit. But do not worry, despite their small size, these natural mini-beauty products for travel are just as effective.

Natural products small sizes with multiple scents

Find these cosmetics in all the scents you like: almond petals, orange blossom, aromatic mandarin, patchouli, amber and musk or even rose and sandalwood. This is the assurance that your vacation will surely be filled with sweetness and nostalgia.

Not to mention that with them, your travel kit will be filled with natural products without silicone. Indeed, as mentioned on our website, we do not like silicone and we will never like it. And this is valid even for our mini products. Silicone weighs down and destroys the skin while with these natural cosmetics for travel kits, your skin will never stop being pampered.

You can buy them individually or as a travel beauty box. Remember that they are also perfect as gifts.