Women's perfume Les Sens de Marrakech

Our perfume for women adapted to each taste are inspired by the best natural ingredients of Morocco to leave a charming and feminine smell of Orient.

« Les Sens de Marrakech » unique feminine perfume

The ingredients that make up each woman's perfume that we offer have been carefully selected for a unique olfactory aim that reflects the soul of the Orient to make each perfume a unique sensory experience. Amber, neroli or orange blossom are among our different fragrances available.

Our perfume was elaborated in collaboration with the greatest perfumers of Grasse then made in our workshops in Marrakech. The bottles are then surrounded by a noble leather made in the artisanal tannery workshops Naterra of Marrakech and which make unique bottles, made by hand. The feminine perfume Les Sens de Marrakech is drawn from the Oriental tradition and highlight the artisanal work of Moroccan tanner artists. All the essence of the Orient is contained in these fragrances. The sensuality, the purity and the beauty of the Moroccan lands were captured, retained and sublimated in each perfume of our selection. You will be able to distinguish the musky sweetness of the amber, the slight persistence of the essence of tuberose, or even more citrus aromas like those of the orange tree or the essence of neroli.

Women's perfume Les Sens de Marrakech, a blend of oriental aromas and traditions

Our sweet and sensual perfume is reminiscent of the wild fragrances of Morocco, and are made in the purest respect of the artisan tradition of the Orient. Each aroma from Les sens de Marrakech is carefully controlled to meet safety standards. Do not hesitate and try our selection of perfume.