Perfume Concentrates

A concentrate of happiness for your home. A few drops mixed with water in a perfume burner and you are in Marrakech.

Rhassoul Olive Paste

The clay of the Moroccan Middle Atlas to purify, the black soap to exfoliate. And if you discover the authentic and natural Moroccan care.

Mask Break

With white clay and aloe vera, to soothe and protect. With green clay and tea tree, to clean and purify. With shea butter and argan, to soften, nourish and plump.

Amber & Musk

The body collection with amber and musk. A powdery and bewitching heart, this marriage is an ode to the scents that accompany life in the East. Journey to the heart of amber and musk.

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Between elegance, softness and sensation Les Sens de Marrakech offers you several universes of your beauty.

5 October 2021

Fall face care with products containing natural ingredients

It’s autumn! The air is crisp, the wind is blowing, the leaves are falling: everything is so beautiful… The skin, like nature, is entering a new season and it’s up to us to adapt by offering you fall skin care. Before seeing what special fall facials using to remedy the situation, do you know exactly what is happening to your…

Bath and body
1 September 2021

Back from vacation and beauty tips for back to school

You and your skin have taken on new habits on vacation. Change of food, climate, rhythm. Often drier at the end of summer, sometimes prone to rashes due to the sun, sea water or swimming pool, the skin needs to renew itself, … In short, after your vacations, your skin just needs to find its rhythm again! Below are some…

Bath and body
12 August 2021

The best hand and foot care of the year

Here are several treatments concocted in Marrakech to help you take good care of your feet and hands this year. These foot and hand care contain very rich active ingredients such as prickly pear, shea butter, sweet almond and aloe vera. Foot and hand care with natural ingredients The ingredients of natural origin, they are the ones that make our…

Bath and body
9 July 2021

The verbena scent, perfect for the season

Verbena, also known as Verbena officinalis, is a perennial herb native to Europe and Asia. The plant belongs to the Verbenaceae family and has lobed, toothed leaves and silky, pale purple flowers. It is used worldwide as an herbal remedy because of the multiple beneficial compounds it contains. This article reviews the benefits of verbena scent as well as the…

Bath and body
8 June 2021

Summer beauty tips for a perfect face and body

Whether we go to the mountains or the sea, we put our bodies within reach of the sun. And even though we enjoy it, we must take the utmost care of our skin to keep it soft and nourished and, above all, to preserve it. Here are some gentle products made with natural ingredients to keep you safe from the…

Bath and body
3 May 2021

In May, do as you please!

May is a beautiful month and this year, the hope of finally coming out of confinement for good. The essential step for this month of spring: use and abuse these products that we have created for you, for your skin, so that they bring you the full happiness for this month of spring (and holidays) that we love. Get a…

Bath and body
1 April 2021

Sensual and pure argan oil in different scents

Discover it this month, the sensual body oil with argan oil straight from Marrakech. It is our favorite in all seasons because not only does it nourish the driest skin but it does not leave a greasy film after application. A delight for the whole body! Composition of the sensual oil The components of the sensual oil are more than…

24 February 2021

Facial care during the spring season

Spring is coming soon! Usually it means a change of wardrobe but remember that your skin doesn’t have the same needs in spring as it does in winter during extreme cold. Spring then can also mean a change of beauty products. Do not worry though, there’s no need to renew your whole routine, a few natural products are necessary to…

Bath and body
29 January 2021

Olive oil from Morocco, perfect for skin and nails

Here are our favorites of the season for EXTRAORDINARY skin and nails! No more excuses this winter to make yourself beautiful and spoil your body. And in the spotlight, find our favorite products with olive oil: olive oil black soap and perfect oils with olive oil. They are perfect for the season, your skin and nails will surely say thank…

Bath and body
4 January 2021

Benefits of shea butter for skin and hair

Do you know shea butter? It is a butter, as its name indicates, of off-white color, extracted from the nuts of the shea tree. It is solid at low temperatures and liquefies as the temperature rises. Its origin goes back to Africa where about 16 million women harvest it every year. Shea butter has been used as a cosmetic ingredient…