Tangerine Exfoliating Cream

Jar or tube version of the spectacular Aromatic Mandarin Exfoliating Cream?
A must-have body care product with argan grains, rice powder and white clay for immediate visible results!

Purifying mask break

Do you have shiny skin and dilated pores?
Discover our creamy mask formulated with green clay, ginger and tea tree extracts. It reduces shine, refines skin texture and gives the complexion a smooth, matte finish. Try it and you’ll love it!

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Between elegance, softness and sensation Les Sens de Marrakech offers you several universes of your beauty.

Bain et corps
20 February 2024

Recognizing your skin type: a practical guide to everything you need to know!

The first step to an effective and appropriate skincare routine is to know your skin type and its specific needs. Les Sens de Marrakech has defined 5 skin types according to their water and lipid balance. These are normal skin, mature skin, dry and very dry skin, combination and oily skin, and sensitive skin. Your skin’s balance varies according to…

Bain et corps
30 November 2023

Enchanted Christmas, irresistible boxes for a warm winter

The end of year holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to think about gifts that would be wise to slip under the tree! Les Sens de Marrakech celebrate the magic of Christmas by offering you wonderful boxes, as pretty as they are useful for taking care of yourself or others. This festive period is a true invitation to share…

Bain et corps
14 November 2023

The elegant evolution of Les Sens de Marrakech products

New designs, new packaging, new formats and authentic accessories Les Sens de Marrakech, an emblematic brand of natural cosmetics inspired by Moroccan art and culture, continues to push back the boundaries of elegance and creativity. In this issue, we delve into the details of new products that completely redefine the Les Sens de Marrakech product experience. An inspiring new design…

Maison et cadeaux
12 June 2023

Les Sens de Marrakech home products come to your home

Home fragrances, diffuser perfumes and pillow mists with oriental scents. Les Sens de Marrakech offers a wide range of home fragrances from the lands of the Orient that will delight your senses and enhance the interior of your home. Spray-on perfumes, diffused scents or pillow mists will transport you to the traditional homes that make Morocco so charming. Our product…

Bath and body
17 April 2023

What are the differences between eau de toilette, perfume and cologne?

As you know, there are different intensities in the same perfume: eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne. In the case of eau de toilette, for example, these are very subtle scents, the notes of which are perceptible at a short distance. But the difference between the three products lies in the concentration of aromatic essence they…

Bain et corps
27 March 2023

How to effectively clean your facial skin this spring?

It’s spring cleaning season, and why not detoxify the skin too? Starting with the most visible part: the face. And yes, in the spring, we like to chase winter habits, we like renewal, so it’s time to move on to facial cleansing, and this, with the best products available. If you want clear, healthy skin, cleansing is arguably the most…

2 February 2023

Choose a face mask adapted to your skin type this winter

How about face masks this winter? With the cold, the skin is more often attacked and more than ever, it needs effective support to protect it. Les Sens de Marrakech has 3 types of masks to suit each skin type so that it stays in top shape this season (and all year round!). Indeed, it is particularly important for you…

Bath and body
10 January 2023

Cream, balm and oil for the skin, what are the differences?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a cream, an oil or a balm? Rest assured, you are not the only one. From a general look, they all seem to do the same thing, including moisturizing and nourishing the skin. However, they still offer different benefits and, in turn, a different experience. Which is better for the skin?…

Bath and body
15 December 2022

New Les Sens de Marrakech, 4 essential Moroccan gloves

Do you know these 4 gloves with different properties? You will surely be familiar with the kessa, the one that is famous for ridding the skin of its dead cells in the shower. But did you know that there are other types especially at Les Sens de Marrakech, whose roles are diverse but equally beneficial for the skin? See below…

Bath and body
12 November 2022

4 original Christmas gifts to offer this year

Receiving or giving beauty gifts is always a great pleasure for everyone. December is the month of questions about the best things to offer that will please those who will receive them. This is why Les Sens de Marrakech offers you products made with delicacy and meticulousness. They will be perfect as a Christmas gift for this year 2022, but…