Shower cloud


The voluptuousness of a cloud, the softness of a caress, discover Nuage de douche. A shower foam extra soft, without sulfates. Orange blossom, Amber & musk, Night gallant. The choice is yours.

Mother’s day

Beauty box, care box, perfume box. And if for the celebration of our mothers, we made them travel in the softness and the scents of elsewhere? Discover our boxes.

Rose & Sandalwood range

Like a trip to the valley of the roses of Morocco, discover the collection of care for the bath and the body. Shower gel, body lotion, under or after shower care oil.

Travel size

60 ml of pleasure for discovery or travel. To give away or to offer to oneself to leave in escapade in this pretty month of May, the best products are mini and their prices very soft.

Eau de parfum Tuberose

The top notes are green to enhance the vibrant tuberose flower. The musky woody base brings the final substance to this deep and disturbing fragrance. A narcotic and unforgettable eau de parfum.

Eau de parfum
1 April 2022

Spring in Marrakech with the scents of neroli and orange

It’s springtime and in Marrakech you can smell the bewitching scent of the bigaradier flowers, the famous neroli or orange blossom perfume. These scents mixed with the sun and golden skin make Marrakech hold such a special place in our hearts especially at this time. And in all honesty, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Immerse yourself in this…

15 March 2022

Benefits of tea tree oil on the face

If you are among those looking for a valuable herbal ingredient to add to your routine, look no further than the tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has many beneficial properties for the skin, nails and even hair. Today, we are going to talk about our famous tea tree facial care line. 2 key products are available: the specific cream…

Bath and body
24 January 2022

Valentine’s Day gift 2022 with reusable fabric packaging

Embrace the philosophy of an ecological lifestyle with Les Sens de Marrakech. Yes, this year we present you this reusable gift wrap, a beautiful and ingenious art. From this Valentine’s Day 2022, if you feel like offering (or giving) a gift, use this personalized fabric packaging made in Marrakech. Just take with it: 2 face products, 2 body products or…

House and gifts
5 January 2022

Soin naturel des mains must have pour 2022

L’hiver est bel est bien là, les températures sont de plus en plus froides et la peau est mise à rude épreuve. Prendre davantage soin de sa routine de soin et d’hydratation pour préserver sa peau des agressions extérieures est vitale. Ainsi, chaque année à cette époque, on utilise plus de soin et de crèmes pour que la peau garde…

Bath and body
7 December 2021

Christmas 2021, gift ideas for the whole family

Looking for gifts, challenge or pleasure for you? We have decided to give you some ideas to make the end of the year easier. And as our brand comes straight from the sun of Marrakech, our gift ideas will be fragrant, colorful, natural and finally essential to our well-being. All our gift ideas are original products coming straight from Marrakech,…

Bath and body
8 November 2021

Refillable packaging in our store in Marrakech

Naturalness has always been very present in the creation of our formulas and in the research of our suppliers. We have also always wished to highlight the work of local artisans and their know-how. But we wanted to go even further in our approach. This year 2021 marks an important step in the life of our brand. For our planet…

5 October 2021

Fall face care with products containing natural ingredients

It’s autumn! The air is crisp, the wind is blowing, the leaves are falling: everything is so beautiful… The skin, like nature, is entering a new season and it’s up to us to adapt by offering you fall skin care. Before seeing what special fall facials using to remedy the situation, do you know exactly what is happening to your…

Bath and body
1 September 2021

Back from vacation and beauty tips for back to school

You and your skin have taken on new habits on vacation. Change of food, climate, rhythm. Often drier at the end of summer, sometimes prone to rashes due to the sun, sea water or swimming pool, the skin needs to renew itself, … In short, after your vacations, your skin just needs to find its rhythm again! Below are some…

Bath and body
12 August 2021

The best hand and foot care of the year

Here are several treatments concocted in Marrakech to help you take good care of your feet and hands this year. These foot and hand care contain very rich active ingredients such as prickly pear, shea butter, sweet almond and aloe vera. Foot and hand care with natural ingredients The ingredients of natural origin, they are the ones that make our…

Bath and body
9 July 2021

The verbena scent, perfect for the season

Verbena, also known as Verbena officinalis, is a perennial herb native to Europe and Asia. The plant belongs to the Verbenaceae family and has lobed, toothed leaves and silky, pale purple flowers. It is used worldwide as an herbal remedy because of the multiple beneficial compounds it contains. This article reviews the benefits of verbena scent as well as the…