Articles in this category talk about products and proper skin care for men men. It is the best men’s fragrance with natural ingredients, care adapted to men while remaining virile. Indeed, the man needs as much aesthetic advice as the woman: the shaving foam to use, the scent corresponding to his personality … because beauty is not a reserved area for women!

Bath and body
6 July 2020

Travel size cosmetics from Marrakech

Easy holidays with our selection of travel size cosmetic products from Marrakech! Get your own Les Sens de Marrakech travel kit They’re all cute and beautiful, they have come all the way from Marrakech to join you this summer. These very pretty bottles that you can also refill with the refill bottles that you will find in our ranges. From…

Bath and body
14 June 2020

Our secrets to make your tan last longer

In summer, to tan well and make the tan last, it is important to scrub the face and the whole body. Here, find all our preparation secrets to have that beautiful glowing skin with a tanned complexion. Exfoliate the whole body Do you have your tanning product and are you ready to “have a new skin”, but wait a minute….

Bath and body
4 May 2020

Going to the essentials for THE outing and enjoying the Spring

March 2020 will remain, for all, engraved in our memories. Time has stopped, suspended from a virus, suspended from our health and that of our loved ones, but also from information that allowed us to see the end of the tunnel. Apart from safety measures, what we have learned from containment is also taking care of ourselves and our loved…

Bath and body
14 April 2020

Beauty products made in Marrakech

Les Sens de Marrakech, Marrakech, the city of the founder’s heart, the city where the senses are in perpetual awakening. A city made of scents, colors, body rituals. Les Sens de Marrakech evokes the life of Marrakech, so swarming and so lively (attention Le Sens de Marrakech is not Les Sens de Marrakech). It is a story of hopes, encounters,…

Bath and body
18 November 2019

Prepare your skin for winter with these natural cosmetics

Preparing your skin for winter is giving it all the assets to pass these difficult months. During these rigorous months, the skin is subjected to various external aggressions, cold, wind, rain, and it is not rare to see cracks, crevasses, dartres appear for the most fragile and sensitive skins. The more the skin is treated upstream, the less the effects…

Bath and body
18 September 2019

The new hand and nail cream with argan oil

Natural ingredients for a hand & nail cream with nourishing, moisturizing and protective active ingredients. To have hands and nails protected all year long The natural ingredients of this hand care promote hydration and protection against aggression. Find in it the 100% natural argan oil, precious oil of Morocco that soothes, nourishes and restructures the skin naturally. It acts in…

Bath and body
15 July 2019

The benefits of using natural argan oil on the skin

Argan oil or desert natural gold is a cosmetic and edible product obtained by pressing the kernel contained in the fruits after drying in the sun. Moroccan argan oil contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants that bring important benefits to the skin. These include maintaining elasticity and preventing premature aging. Thanks to its nourishing properties, the skin is plumper,…

Bath and body
14 May 2019

Best travel size beauty products made in Marrakech

To go on vacation, what is better than to have travel size products ? Enjoy your moments of relaxation while offering your skin the best of nature with Les Sens de Marrakech’s cosmetics. Follow the guide and let us compose your travel kit. Use our travel size beauty products made in Marrakech The brand Les Sens De Marrakech offers you…

Bath and body
15 April 2019

How to recognize natural cosmetics?

Several brands claim the naturalness in the composition of their products. But how do you know if this or that product has a composition of ingredients from nature that allows you to buy it with confidence but also that they are really harmless (because we must never forget that plants or flowers can also be toxic). How can we then…

Eau de parfum
28 January 2019

How to combine body products and eau de parfum?

Maybe you find that your perfume runs on your skin, that it does not hold and that it flies away so fast that you have the impression not to be perfumed a few hours later. The scent lasts longer on a hydrated skin Follow this very valuable tip: by moisturizing and nourishing your skin every day, your perfume will last…

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