Receiving or giving beauty gifts is always a great pleasure for everyone.

December is the month of questions about the best things to offer that will please those who will receive them. This is why Les Sens de Marrakech offers you products made with delicacy and meticulousness. They will be perfect as a Christmas gift for this year 2022, but also for a birthday this winter for example.

You will find skincare sets, as well as fragrance sets that bring different moods to the home.

All of these gift sets are exclusive to Les Sens de Marrakech, so be sure to grab them before they sell out.

Orange Blossom Mini Christmas Gift Box

An absolutely adorable treat in a small format ready to give as a gift or to keep for yourself. This Orange box Les Sens De Marrakech offers maximum pleasure with a Les Sens de Marrakech eau de parfum roll on, perfect for a scented scent on the neck or on the wrists.

This box contains two round soaps with orange blossom, argan oil and shea butter. Then, it also includes a roll on Oranger eau de parfum.

These two products, carefully packaged in a pretty box signed Les Sens de Marrakech, will provide olfactory pleasure and unequaled pleasure to whoever receives them.

Orange Blossom metal box

This pretty metal box holds a pouch that brings together bath and body essentials with orange blossom, Ancestral shower, Oriental milk in an extra mild argan soap.

You can reuse the box to put make-up or as a pencil holder, or even as a secret box.

For the pouch, it can accompany you every day in your bag and you can store your make-up or your accessories in it. This pretty metal box is the ideal gift for small prices and great effects.

House Box

A pretty box made up of the essentials of the home range with the delicate scent of the emblematic Sucre d’oranger, real best sellers in the home universe range.

This Home box contains 10 rattan sticks, 100ml of Orange sweetness perfume to diffuse and a glass vase.

And for a perfect duo, it also contains a spray perfume with the Orange Sugar scent which, used with the capilla, will create a soothing, cozy and magical atmosphere.

This pretty bottle is adorned with handmade pompoms in Marrakech. It is a perfect box to offer rituals and warm atmospheres to your loved ones, or to build a relaxation routine while immersing yourself in a dreamlike universe of scents.

Ode to the Body Box

Discover this absolutely sublime Les Sens de Marrakech body gift box which contains everything you need for your body care ritual.

This Ode to the body box contains a soaping mitt. Entirely woven by hand, it accelerates the foam effect and is ultra soft for the body.

Also included are 100 g of orange blossom hard soap and a 250 ml Oriental Body Milk for maximum pleasure with the captivating scent of orange blossom. Packed in a very chic box closed by a very pretty white pompom, you can breathe new life into it after use or keep it as a storage box for your valuables.

Bath Ritual Box

The Bath Ritual Box contains four gloves with complementary and ideal characteristics to take care of your skin in record time.

First soaping glove. As a foam accelerator, it effectively reduces the amount of shower gel or soap you use daily.

Then there is the Kessa mitt which helps exfoliate the body in the shower. This glove is used in combination with your usual soap or “Olive paste” black soap. Not to mention that the use of friction glove on dry skin in the morning and evening promotes blood circulation and revitalizes the skin.

Finally, a mini face glove with a dense fabric to help remove make-up and cleanse.

So, when the end of the year celebrations come, take advantage of this very special selection of the best Beauty Gift Sets in Marrakech, just for you! .

On our website, you will find other types you will find other types of gifts for both men and women.

For lovers of beauty in life, Les Sens de Marrakech wishes you lots of happiness and joy.