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All the news related to the best natural perfumes for men and women are in this section. The blog will make you discover the new trendy scents in relation with the season or the personality of each one. If you are looking for the best natural perfume as a gift to offer, this section is your ally. Are you ready to take off for an unforgettable olfactory journey?

Bain et corps
20 February 2024

Recognizing your skin type: a practical guide to everything you need to know!

The first step to an effective and appropriate skincare routine is to know your skin type and its specific needs. Les Sens de Marrakech has defined 5 skin types according to their water and lipid balance. These are normal skin, mature skin, dry and very dry skin, combination and oily skin, and sensitive skin. Your skin’s balance varies according to…

Bath and body
17 April 2023

What are the differences between eau de toilette, perfume and cologne?

As you know, there are different intensities in the same perfume: eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne. In the case of eau de toilette, for example, these are very subtle scents, the notes of which are perceptible at a short distance. But the difference between the three products lies in the concentration of aromatic essence they…

Bath and body
12 November 2022

4 original Christmas gifts to offer this year

Receiving or giving beauty gifts is always a great pleasure for everyone. December is the month of questions about the best things to offer that will please those who will receive them. This is why Les Sens de Marrakech offers you products made with delicacy and meticulousness. They will be perfect as a Christmas gift for this year 2022, but…

Bath and body
20 October 2022

How to choose the scent of your range for the body?

The scents are very personal and individual. They are part of our experience, our imagination and our universe. Whatever scent you choose, it gradually becomes your signature, something that becomes part of how people perceive you. Our goal is to get as close as possible to your aspirations, your preferences and your personality. These are not just eau de parfum,…

Bath and body
26 May 2022

Rose and sandalwood, the flagship range for spring

While waiting for the next season, focus this month on the rose and sandalwood range. This flagship spring collection is composed of rose, a flower with a feminine and tender scent that beauty products are so fond of, and sandalwood, which offers sensual and bewitching properties. This association sublimates this perfume which leaves an incomparable trail on your skin. If…

Eau de parfum
1 April 2022

Spring in Marrakech with the scents of neroli and orange

It’s springtime and in Marrakech you can smell the bewitching scent of the bigaradier flowers, the famous neroli or orange blossom perfume. These scents mixed with the sun and golden skin make Marrakech hold such a special place in our hearts especially at this time. And in all honesty, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Immerse yourself in this…

Bath and body
24 January 2022

Valentine’s Day gift 2022 with reusable fabric packaging

Embrace the philosophy of an ecological lifestyle with Les Sens de Marrakech. Yes, this year we present you this reusable gift wrap, a beautiful and ingenious art. From this Valentine’s Day 2022, if you feel like offering (or giving) a gift, use this personalized fabric packaging made in Marrakech. Just take with it: 2 face products, 2 body products or…

Bath and body
7 December 2021

Christmas 2021, gift ideas for the whole family

Looking for gifts, challenge or pleasure for you? We have decided to give you some ideas to make the end of the year easier. And as our brand comes straight from the sun of Marrakech, our gift ideas will be fragrant, colorful, natural and finally essential to our well-being. All our gift ideas are original products coming straight from Marrakech,…

Bath and body
3 May 2021

In May, do as you please!

May is a beautiful month and this year, the hope of finally coming out of confinement for good. The essential step for this month of spring: use and abuse these products that we have created for you, for your skin, so that they bring you the full happiness for this month of spring (and holidays) that we love. Get a…

Bath and body
4 May 2020

Going to the essentials for THE outing and enjoying the Spring

March 2020 will remain, for all, engraved in our memories. Time has stopped, suspended from a virus, suspended from our health and that of our loved ones, but also from information that allowed us to see the end of the tunnel. Apart from safety measures, what we have learned from containment is also taking care of ourselves and our loved…

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