As you know, there are different intensities in the same perfume: eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne. In the case of eau de toilette, for example, these are very subtle scents, the notes of which are perceptible at a short distance.

But the difference between the three products lies in the concentration of aromatic essence they contain in their chemical compositions. In fact, the rest of the composition is generally alcohol in which the essences of the different aromas which make up the perfume are diluted and mixed.

This month, therefore, we review the characteristics of the scented waters that exist in the world of perfumery in order to help you make the right choice.

The different types of perfumes

Eau de parfum

Eau de parfum is the most intense type. It is suitable for people who are looking for a non-invasive fragrance, but with a certain intensity. Often, eau de parfum lasts longer on the skin than another type of perfume. (Visit the section dedicated to eau de parfum at Les Sens de Marrakech )

Eau de toilette

This is of medium intensity. If you opt for an eau de toilette, it must be touched up throughout the day, as its composition is very light and evaporates over the hours.

It is very popular with people looking for medium to low intensity fragrances.


Eau de cologne contains the lowest percentage of olfactory intensity. It is a very vaporous fragrance, which allows you to refresh yourself whenever you need it.

The subtlety of these scents makes it the perfect choice for people who want their fragrance to go unnoticed and only be smellable from a very short distance.

Differences between eau de toilette and perfume, which lasts the longest?

Eau de toilette or perfume which one to choose? Does one last longer than the other on the skin?

Not always, because the greater amount of fragrance is not the only factor influencing the duration. Factors such as the pH and the skin of the person (the drier the skin, the less the perfume adheres) and especially the notes of fixation, are what will determine if the smell of a perfume lasts longer.

In addition, fruity and fresh notes have been found to evaporate faster, even at higher fragrance concentrations. So even if it is an eau de parfum, if it has these characteristics, it will certainly last less than an eau de toilette containing more fixing notes such as woody or musky notes.

Whether it’s an eau de parfum or an eau de toilette or an eau de cologne, the scents that have the strongest hold are musks, woods, resins and balms.

The main thing is to know the characteristics and the main notes of your product, in order to choose the one you need according to the use, its intensity and the time of touch-up.

Here is a table summarizing the main differences between the 3 types of perfume.

DenominationFragrance concentrationDurability on skin
CologneApproximately 5% fragrance plus 5% citrus essencesAbout 2 hours
Eau de ToiletteBetween 7 and 15%About 3 hours
Eau de Parfum15-20% concentration5 to 8 hours

What should be taken into account to choose the ideal perfume?

Eau de cologne or eau de parfum? Eau de parfum or eau de toilette? By knowing the main difference between an eau de toilette and an eau de parfum and an eau de cologne, the process of selecting the ideal fragrance or perfume will be much easier.

However, when you want to find the perfume that brings you the most, that represents you and that makes you feel more confident, it will be necessary to take into account certain aspects that will make the result a success.

Apart from distinguishing between the right time to use the product, it is also important to choose the fragrance that appeals to you the most according to your personality. (Choose a scent according to your personality)

Remember that in the world of perfumery, there are generally four variants of perfumes, with of course many combinations, among which: floral, oriental, fresh and woody.

And it is up to everyone to find the fragrance that suits them best, taking into account the level of intensity they wish to wear during use, but also taking into account their personality and lifestyle.

Knowing that the proper use of a particular perfume does not entirely depend on its intensity, but on how it is applied. (How to associate body product and perfumes?)

In reality, it is only by paying attention to your tastes and preferences in perfumes, and by researching and applying the knowledge you possess about the exquisite world of perfumery, that you will be able to enjoy each variant. without any limit, by allowing your olfactory sensoriality to rise, and that you will feel good about yourself.

If you need advice on choosing the ideal perfume, do not hesitate to contact us by visiting our website, we will be happy to assist you.