Maybe you find that your perfume runs on your skin, that it does not hold and that it flies away so fast that you have the impression not to be perfumed a few hours later.

The scent lasts longer on a hydrated skin

Follow this very valuable tip: by moisturizing and nourishing your skin every day, your perfume will last longer. The more nourished your skin is, the more the perfume will “cling” to it for better durability.

Nourish your skin every day with a body milk or if you want to feed it more intensely, use a cream. You also have the choice to nourish your skin with an oil or a balm for a more satin aspect.
With our perfumers, we worked in symbiosis to advise you on the best combinations of body products and eau de parfum.

The best associations of body products and eau de parfum

Find how below how to combine body products and eau de parfum.

If your eau de parfum is based or contains orange blossom

(Orange and Neroli)
We recommend the products in the range of orange blossom that will perfectly match your perfume.

If your perfume is rather spicy Oriental

The Amber & Musc range will be perfectly paired with this typical Oriental perfume.

If your perfume is a scent that turns heads by its depth and its very feminine side

The products of the Jasmin range will perfectly match your vision of perfume and extreme femininity.

If your character is cheerful and your scent is fresh and sparkling

(Smell of leaves)
Then you need products for the body ranges of verbena or mandarin range. You will find that coolness that you like.

If your perfume is intense and powerful

(Leather or Incense)
Choose the intense patchouli range. It’s the essence of the perfume that we do not forget.

If your perfume is greedy

(Vanilla-based for example or Amber)
It will be the range Almond blossom that will suit you best. It’s a scent to eat with pleasure.