Find the orange blossom product that suit your taste

A source of body and mind benefits, this delicate and sensual scent is acclaimed and even adored for its soothing and relaxing scent.

Used both in cosmetics and in the largest scented creations, orange blossom is a source of comfort and relief. In the spring, orange blossoms invade the gardens. Relaxing, sweet and sensual, the orange blossom is an invitation to rest and welcome.

The benefits of using orange blossom products

It is impossible to evoke Marrakech without mentioning the orange blossom since it is the emblem of the ocher city. This precious ingredient from bitter orange is used on the one hand to extract what is commonly called neroli. With a characteristic greener odor, it is used in cosmetics for its benefits on the skin. On the other hand, the flower, always sourced from bitter orange, is distilled to make orange blossom water with this sweet and tender perfume.
A flower for 2 scents, this is the wonderful gift that offers us the orange blossom every year in April.

Among our orange blossom products, you will find Neroli perfume in the milk of Orient for the body and the melting cocoon of shea, concentrated in 96% of shea butter to which was added a few drops of this precious perfume. The hard soaps and the orange blossom ancestral shower gel in daily use contain the sweet and sweet scent of orange blossom but also the sensual oil that, used daily in massage nourishes the skin and leave an unforgettable wake. The famous water treatment oil to rinse in the shower, best seller of our range also contains this sweet scent, the cream of delight for intense nutrition as well as the desert sand scrub orange blossom give pride to this sweet, soothing scent and relaxing.

Taking you to the heart of the Mediterranean region with our fragrances: Neroli and Orange. Two variations around this iconic flower. Also, you will find a sweet orange blossom perfume for your home, Orange Sugar declined in capilla perfume then indoor perfume spray, scented candles and finally oily concentrate for use with a perfume burner.

An olfactory journey that you will never tire of, discover in our headings cosmetics, perfumes and home fragrances.
Enjoy all these cosmetic benefits now thanks to the range with orange blossom!