les sens de marrakech Moroccan skin care for men with natural ingredients

Skincare for men for a healthy and soft skin

The strength of the Sahara in the mesmerizing range Les Sens de Marrakech offers men's treatments and perfume to enjoy unique moments of well-being.

Mixed perfume

Whether you have an appetite for sweet citrus blends or you prefer a high scent, find below the mixed perfumes Les Sens de Marrakech that will certainly delight your senses.

Starting from €23.75
  • Face care with argan for men
  • Light fluid that brings a lot of freshness

Available in one size

Starting from €30.00
  • Massage oil for men
  • Argan oil scented with musk, cardamom and green tea

Available in one size

Starting from €15.00
  • 2 in 1 shampoo and shower gel for men
  • Aloe vera, cardamom, musk and green tea cleanser

The energy of the hot sand in our man care and perfume

Our men's skin care and perfume are directly inspired by the authenticity of the Sahara and by those who live there. Their resistance, the beauty of the landscapes, the vigor and the energy that springs from them will bring you the vitality you need every morning. This men's cosmetic range is the one that every conqueror needs to succeed throughout his day.

Skincare for men with natural ingredients

Our men's skin care products are, at the very least, 90% natural ingredients and therefore take care of your skin while providing a veil of essence of cardamom, musk and green tea. Aloe vera, sweet almond oil and argan oil will nourish and soothe your skin, especially when shaving with our intense fluid cream. Our body and hair shower gel will cleanse your skin and hair in one product. Our intense fluid cream that can be used after shaving is specially designed for men whose skins are irritated and attacked daily. This soft texture will moisturize, soothe your skin and aloe vera will treat irritation. It is the ideal cream for the sensitive and delicate skin of men.

All the oriental side of the world is found in our perfume for men with notes of raspberry, grapefruit, rhubarb, incense or blackcurrant. Their character will mark the spirits and will impact your daily life. These perfume for men carry in them the authenticity of Morocco and its scents.

Come now, travel with us to the beautiful lands of Morocco and let yourself be swept into the soft and warm sands of the Sahara!