les sens de marrakech Rose and Sandalwood range of natural beauty products

Rose and sandalwood range for feminine and sensual body care

A real journey of the senses in the heart of nature's feminity and sensuality with the rose and sandalwood range Les Sens de Marrakech.

Cosmetics made from rose and sandalwood

Sensual and ultra feminine, discover the cosmetic products based on the delicate scent of rose and sandalwood, such as Oriental Milk Body conceived for all those who want to take care of their body using a quality cosmetic product. These cosmetics based on rose and sandalwood can be matched with the box containing the Ancestral Shower Gel, the Sensual Body Oil and the hard soap.

A panoply of cosmetics in the rose and sandalwood range

Inebriating, these rose and sandalwood-based cosmetics are easy to use and will bring not only softness but also a delicate and elegant scent to your skin. The extra-mild soap made of argan oil and shea butter will delight traditional soap lovers, while the Ancestral Shower Gel made of aloe vera, will delight those who prefer the shower gel. The exfoliating desert sand body scrub composed of grains of Moroccan sand, salt, argan oil, rose and musk will leave your skin soft and clean of impurities. In addition to the box, the kit Everlasting Rose, which contains Oriental milk body and a hard soap rose and sandalwood, will make a nice original gift, evocative of love and sensuality. Oils and milk enriched with argan oil and sweet almond oil are used after showering or bathing. Their texture is light and fluid, ideal for use in light massage. It also helps to nourish and moisturize the skin superficially. Refills are available once your Rose and Sandalwood product is consumed. Scrub, as well as oils and milk can be refilled. Finally, this wide and gentle range of rose and sandalwood-based cosmetics respects all skin types.

Make your choice among the products of this authentic range, conducive to relaxation and daydreaming ...