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The authentic beauty of black soap, rhassoul clay and natural argan

The lands of Morocco contain treasures for your skin. Indulge in our range of black soap, rhassoul and natural argan that makes the most of these ingredients.

Available in one size

Starting from €37.50
  • 100% pure, paraben-free, silicone-free
  • Provides perfect hydration to the skin
Starting from €17.50
  • 100% natural ingredients for face, body and hair
  • Gently and naturally absorbs all impurities

The generous nature of Morocco is a source of health benefits

Made in the old style in a cauldron with virgin olive oil, our black soaps, which we call olive paste and black olive, come from the Moroccan tradition. The rhassoul clay earth comes only from the Moroccan land. Highly absorbent, it removes toxins and impurities.
Argan oil, Morocco's national treasure, nourishes the skin to make it supple and beautiful.

Do you know the benefits of the ingredients we use to develop our products?
- The black soap, made by mixing extra virgin olive oil, will remove all impurities from your skin. Black soap cosmetics are harmless and adapt to all skin types.
- Extracted from Moroccan rocks, rhassoul has been used for centuries by women to take care of their bodies. It will cleanse your skin thanks to the trace elements, vitamins and minerals that compose it.
- Rich in vitamin E and omega 3, natural argan will protect your skin from possible infections.

A range of natural products of black soap, rhassoul and argan

Because your skin deserves the best, we have developed a range of cosmetics based on black soap, Rhassoul, and natural argan. Les Sens de Marrakech offers you:
- The natural black soap "olive paste" (to use in paste of shower or in exfoliation with the glove kessa). It is perfect for cleaning, purifying and clearing all impurities from your skin. Its flavored version with eucalyptus or aromatic extracts is also to discover.
- The natural rhassoul (clay) is to be mixed with water or argan oil for a more nourishing version. Discover rhassoul with aromatic extracts for other scented sensations.
- Natural argan oil in a bottle of 125ml or droplet format 10ml if you only want to use it on the face. Adopt ancestral habits of Berber women in terms of skin care, applying this oil on the face, body, hair. Use without moderation.

Each cosmetic product for the body Les Sens de Marrakech is available on our website in refill version with very competitive prices that allow you to select and discover our universe of natural beauty products.

Accompanying accessories for black soap, rhassoul and argan

Les Sens de Marrakech have also designed the essential accessories for the proper use of the products we offer.

- Our beautiful Kessa scrub glove is used to apply your black soap cosmetics. Use this traditional object of Morocco in the hammam. Two versions exist for this glove. First, the standard glove that will be rough enough for deep exfoliation. Then the premium glove for a softer exfoliation.
- A traditional footstone scrub. Made of terracotta, this stone erases slightly roughness.
- The boxes we developed are the perfect solution to discover each treatment in full or if you wish to make an original and useful gift to a loved one. You can choose between a "Hammam Experience" box or a "Hammam Scrub Kit". For a natural bath, choose the box "Mini vanity beauty of the hammam". Finally, take full advantage of the benefits of Morocco with our boxes "The Essential of Hammam" and its luxury version.

Discover our range and choose the care that will clean and protect your skin, like our cosmetics based on black soap or argan. Get ready for new sensations with Les Sens de Marrakech.