les sens de marrakech Argan cosmetics, Moroccan skin care with natural ingredients

Argan cosmetics, best skin care for face

What's more authentic and skin-friendly than plant-based products? Find here many Argan cosmetics for any skin type.

Starting from €15.00
  • For all skin types
  • Creamy milk that glides over heavily made-up skin and eyes for soft skin.
Starting from €15.00
  • All skin types, make-up remover
  • Gently removes makeup, promotes cell renewal
Starting from €30.00
  • Argan oil care for dry and sensitive skin
  • Exfoliating mask with argan and dates
Starting from €30.00
  • Ideal mask to make the skin more supple
  • The skin becomes more hydrated, nourished and soothed
Starting from €27.50
  • Makes the skin more radiant and glowing
  • Absorbent, soothing and softening mask
Starting from €27.50
  • Ideal for combination and oily skin
  • Regulates excess pollution and sebum
Starting from €30.00
  • Lightening scrub
  • Facial scrub with argan, prickly pear oil and aloe vera
Starting from €8.75
  • Gentle exfoliator, luxurious cleansing
  • Reveals your natural radiance for a fresh, revitalised complexion
Starting from €50.00
  • Best seller, formula with prickly pear oil, special for mature skin
  • The skin regains its radiance and suppleness
Starting from €32.50
  • Ideal for dry and very dry skin
  • The skin stops feeling tight, a feeling of long-lasting comfort is guaranteed
Starting from €25.00
  • To obtain a more supple and radiant skin
  • Facial care with date, argan, sweet almond and shea butter extracts
Starting from €26.25
  • The T-zone of the face regains balance and strength
  • Ideal for combination or oily skin
Starting from €15.00
  • Revitalizes the skin and hair
  • 100% natural argan oil without additives rich in vitamin E and antioxidants
Starting from €22.50
  • Fights effectively against wrinkles and crow's feet
  • The eye contour is revived and regains more elasticity

The benefits of Argan in cosmetics

Treasure of Morocco, the argan tree produces this precious essence. Integrated in all our creams, for a soft and well hydrated skin, it also enriches the serums, making them even more nourishing. 

The prickly pear oil, another natural wonder collected on site, offers its nutritional benefits in specific moisturizing treatments. A true beauty asset, the "Ages & merveilles" cream is a must-have in your Argan cosmetics drawer.

A complete range made in Marrakech

Les Sens de Marrakech takes care of all your skin care routine for face. For example, a cleansing with micellar water allows you to purify your skin gently but with great efficiency. In the same way, our scrubs containing plant grains awaken the radiance of your skin.

For a deep care, whatever the nature of your skin, use one of our masks! Nourishing (with argan oil) or purifying (with green clay), an occasion for your face to have a relaxing break. Once rinsed, this treatment gives way to a fresh and rested complexion, ready for the Radiance cream or the Matte & pure T-zone gel Cream to be put on it.

More targeted products ensure effective hydration in the drier areas of the face: usually around the eyes and lips. Always based on local and natural compounds, like Eye contour Gel Cream, they nourish without any risk of cutaneous intolerance.

The properties of shea butter, thanks to its seeds, are used in the manufacture of the lip palm balms Lips to love Lip plumping Balm.

All these face care products, like "Radiance cream" or argan oil cream, are presented in containers with an oriental charm. Fruit of a typical craftsmanship, Les Sens de Marrakech's products from Marrakech are as effective as they are well-presented. 

Let yourself be charmed by the sunny scents of rose water, Argan oil cosmetics, prickle pear oil or sweet date, like so many ancestral beauty secrets!