les sens de marrakech Gallant of night flower cosmetic products

Gallant of night, a suave and charming flower of the night

A precious flower with seduction and insolent charm in the body range Gallant of Night Les sens de Marrakech. Subtle blend of orange blossom, jasmine with a hint of amber. !

Available in one size

Starting from €11.25
  • Scrub, Body
  • Exfoliates, softens and moisturizes the skin

Available in one size

Starting from €28.75
  • Body, Shower oil
  • For a fast and efficient nutrition of the skin

Available in one size

Starting from €23.25
  • Skin, Moisturizing milk with argan
  • Provides optimal nutrition for dry to slightly dry skin

Available in one size

Starting from €38.25
  • Body, leave-in scented Argan oil
  • Ideal for moisturizing and softening dry skin

Available in one size

Starting from €15.00
  • Sulfate-free shower foam
  • Suitable for all skin types

Fall under the spell of the Night Galant

This fabulous plant exalts an exceptional perfume with the fall of the night. During the day, it does not make itself too much noticed but it is at the end of the day that its magic begins to operate. At sunset, it releases a perfume described as a soft mixture between jasmine and lime tree or, as mentioned above, orange blossom and a little amber.

Its intoxicating scent is difficult to describe but is so enchanting that flower lovers become addicted to it. This shrub with such a delicate and attractive perfume has several names, each of which always reveals its authenticity: "the night".

You can indeed call it, night jasmine, lady of the night or queen of the night: all these names speak well and truly of the same element.

If you have already used it as a decorative plant and it has conquered your heart, try this time our cosmetic products in its honor, you will also love them. The perfume of the famous Gallant of Night in different forms

Find this authentic scent in your favorite cosmetic products.

For example, use the Ancestral Shower Gel every day to start your day in beauty. Formulated from pure aloe vera, it will make you enjoy your shower even more.

Then, you can coat yourself with Oriental Milk with its gallant of night fragrance to moisturize and intensely perfume your skin. This body milk with argan oil sprinkled with this jasmine jasmine will ensure the protection of your skin against any aggression.

And once or twice a week, use the lady of night embalmed desert sand scrub to leave your skin feeling soft after use.

Try today the cosmetic products scented with Gallant of Night: an exclusivity of Les Sens de Marrakech.