les sens de marrakech Amber and musk range made in Morocco

An awakening to sensuality with the amber and musk range

This scent is totally addictive. The amber and musk body range is an ode to scents that accompanies life in the East with its traditions, markets and symbols. In the past, Amber served as a protection talisman in the East. Mixed with musk, it was the ingredient of some love potions.

Starting from €22.50
  • Skin, to be sprayed
  • Alcohol-free milk mist to spray, moisturizes, refreshes

Available in one size

Starting from €15.00
  • Sulfate-free shower foam
  • Suitable for all skin types

Available in one size

Starting from €17.50
  • Body, rich cream with argan and shea butter
  • Nourishes, repairs, protects and perfumes the skin

Available in one size

Starting from €38.25
  • Body, argan oil scented without rinsing
  • Ideal for moisturizing and softening dry skin

Available in one size

Starting from €18.75
  • Body and hair balm with argan oil
  • For a deeply nourished body and hair
Starting from €35.00
  • Nice pouch containing your favorite scented products
  • For a nourished, perfumed and moisturized skin
Starting from €23.75
  • Bath essentials with amber and musk
  • Discovery purse scented with amber and musk

Amber and musk range Les Sens de Marrakech, an olfactory creation for the body

It became one of the best-selling ranges, Les Sens de Marrakech body products with amber and musk offer an impressive variation. To revive the body but also the spirit, this mesmerizing scent is part of the composition of products that allow intense nutrition. The "Crème Délice" which is composed of shea butter and argan oil, the "Baume Sensuelle" and concentrated argan oil ointment are to be used every day to cover your skin softened with a scented veil.
Oils are also in the limelight in the amber and musk range, l'Huile Sensuelle to apply in massage on dry skin and the "Huile Soin de L'eau" Oil to be used on a wet skin after the "Douche Ancestrale" shower gel with aloe vera or hard soap, both daily cleansers are scented with this sweet oriental scent.

Amber and musk range Les Sens de Marrakech, products of oriental traditions

Since its creation in 2003, Les Sens de Marrakech has continued to bring an innovative touch to all its products based on amber and musk. The brand has harmonized rich oriental traditions and demanding European standards. The different categories of authentic products based on amber and musk that it offers promise a seductive beauty without equal.

With its thousands of grains of sand and salt, the Amber & Musk Desert Sand Scrub beauty product promises to regain a soft skin thanks to an effective exfoliation to be applied once or twice a week. Unless you let yourself be tempted by the argan grain exfoliating cream, which is made of shea butter and white clay. The amber and musk products offered by Les Sens de Marrakech are highly appreciated for their exceptional virtues on the skin. Composed of natural ingredients, on each product is indicated their total percentage, they will transport you on a trip to the Orient.
Take advantage of the Ambre Addict Gift Box (Perfume + Oriental Milk) for more immersion in the oriental scent.

Discover the selection of natural cosmetics with amber and musk at Les Sens de Marrakech!