les sens de marrakech Jasmine range with natural beauty products made in Morocco

A trip to the East with the Jasmine range

In autumn, the beautiful white flowers of jasmine hatch to bring you an exhilarating beauty care Les Sens de Marrakech.

Available in one size

Starting from €14.50
  • Skin, Aloe vera shower gel
  • Ideal for all skin types, easy to apply

Available in one size

Starting from €31.25
  • Scrub, Body
  • Exfoliates, softens and moisturizes the skin

Available in one size

Starting from €28.75
  • Body, Shower oil
  • For a fast and efficient nutrition of the skin

Available in one size

Starting from €26.25
  • Skin, Moisturizing milk with argan
  • Provides optimal nutrition for dry to slightly dry skin

Available in one size

Starting from €38.25
  • Body, leave-in scented Argan oil
  • Ideal for moisturizing and softening dry skin

Available in one size

Starting from €13.75
  • Body care with shea butter
  • Repairs and intensely nourishes the skin
Starting from €5.00
  • Soft soap with argan and shea butter
  • For a natural and traditional wash
Starting from €35.00
  • Nice pouch containing your favorite scented products
  • For a nourished, perfumed and moisturized skin

Les Sens de Marrakech, at the heart of the range of jasmine products

To offer a jasmine box is also to offer real riches worthy of Ali Baba's cave! The range of jasmine-based products immerses you in the heart of Eastern culture and love. A true beauty ally, jasmine is the first reference for its thousand and one natural properties.

Les Sens de Marrakech, high quality cosmetics

Les Sens de Marrakech cares first and foremost for your well-being and unveils you online cosmetics of the highest quality. The shop makes you discover its range of products with jasmine that will refine your sensuality. Jasmine makes your happiness since the dawn of time for its many impressive virtues. The beauty product Jasmine "Huile Sensuelle" or the "Cocon fondant" Shea Butter promises you pleasant massages for a restorative relaxation. It also offers various disinfectant and healing properties. A symbol of love in the Orient, the Jasmine "Huile Soin de l'eau" Oil will seduce you with its nourishing and softening benefits for the skin. Rich in generous heart, the "Jasmin Intense" Box (Box + Desert Sand Scrub + Cocon Fondant Shea Butter + Shower Gel "Douche Ancestrale") nourishes, cleans and sublimates your skin. This jasmine box will also be able to wear a smell of sensual flowers. The range of jasmine products available at Les Sens de Marrakech is of exceptional quality to guarantee you impressive results. It will perfectly adapt to all your expectations, even the most demanding. You can also discover the range of products intended for the shower like the Hard Soap, the "Douche Ancestrale" Shower Gel and "Lait D'Orient" (Body milk)

Les Sens de Marrakech will satisfy you with its high-end cosmetics based on jasmine!