les sens de marrakech Moroccan soap for a clean skin

Moroccan soap inspired by the Moroccan tradition

Discover our moroccan soaps, shower gels and our shower pastes based on natural ingredients such as rhassoul from Morocco or black soap, beauty secrets of Moroccan women.

Ancestral shower

Often the first action of the day, so it might as well be done under the best auspices. Based on Aloe vera and with oriental fragrances, Douche Ancestrale will take you on a journey, from early morning, to the land of a thousand scents.

Starting from €17.50
  • 100% natural ingredients for face, body and hair
  • Gently and naturally absorbs all impurities

Shower cloud

A shower foam without sulfate, to be sprayed on the whole body. It does not alter the ph of the skin and is available in Orange Blossom, Amber & Musk or Gallant at night scents.

Travel to Marrakech with traditional moroccan soaps

Discover Les Sens de Marrakech shower pastes for a moment of enchanting and beneficent care, with natural or perfumed black soap or rhassoul from Morocco. If you prefer a shower gel, our Ancestral Shower Gel will perfectly meet your needs. These products made in Morocco conceal centuries of ancestral traditions.

The rhassoul of Morocco, collected on the heights of the Atlas, has been used for generations. Nothing surprising when we know that we give this clay, rich in magnesium, beneficial properties for cleaning and care of the skin and hair. As for the black soap, it lends it softening and purifying virtues, especially thanks to its vitamin E content. This vegetable and oily exfoliating paste is suitable, because of its natural softness, for any type of skin.

Our rhassoul comes in two products: the traditional rhassoul and a rhassoul version enriched with aromatic extracts, for a more intense olfactory experience. The black soap can be in its natural version or scented version. Both products are olive oil based with a rich and sweet texture.

All our products are elaborated, with the greatest care, based on natural ingredients collected from the most famous producers. Their preparation is like a real ritual: they are concocted in a traditional way in cauldrons, in Marrakech and packaged on site. Reinvent your shower ritual and opt for a moroccan shower gel or shower paste, you will not regret it.