• Rhassoul with Aromatic Extracts
  • Rhassoul with Aromatic Extracts

Rhassoul with Aromatic Extracts

The rhassoul, also written ghassoul, is a natural clay from the Moroccan Middle Atlas. Conscious of its many cosmetic properties, Moroccan women have adopted it for centuries to wash their hair and their body. Today, we invite you to rediscover this natural care with our flavored rhassoul, which will give you new sensations!

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natural rhassoul

Super cleanser and absorbent

Used as an ingredient in many cosmetic products, rhassoul clay contains magnesium, zinc and calcium.

Mixed with water, it acts as a mask for the face to clean, absorb grease and brighten the face.

Its absorbency is exceptional and is far superior to that of green clay. Very used for the hair having an excess of sebum, it gives them an immediate swelling, thickens them, densifies them, gives them freshness and lightness and acts as an exfoliant to eliminate the dandruff.

Its very pleasant perfume with aromatic extracts of lavender and rosemary is specific to rhassoul aromatic extracts.

WARNING: Cannot be used on children under 3 years old

How to apply rhassoul

Mix the rhassoul with hot water or micellar water. Apply to skin or hair. Leave on then rinse thoroughly.

For dry skin, replace water with argan oil or sensual oil.

For the face: It is advisable to use natural rhassoul rather than the perfumed one.

rhassoul naturel

We answer your questions

What is the difference between mixing rhassoul with micellar water, water or sensual oil?

The water will allow a very fluid and very light mixture, the mixture with the oil will be smoother and will bring softness to the skin.

Can rhassoul be used as a scrub?

Indeed, given its exceptional absorbent and cleansing qualities, it is perfectly suited as a quick exfoliation in the shower.

I have oily hair at the roots, but colored on the lengths and points, can I use it?

Yes, provided you target the product application areas. Never put the rhassoul on colored or discolored hair at the risk of taking time to detangle them!!! The reason ? Its high absorbency.

Compositions & ingredients

Rhassoul: 100% Moroccan saponiferous clay. It cleans, absorbs excess sebum and purifies at the same time. It captures many impurities, bacteria and other parasites in the skin. In addition to its cleansing action, it reduces inflammation.
Suitable for all skin types: for fragile skin: it is very soft, it soothes sensitive skin and allows better skin regeneration. For dry, tight skin, it plays a softening and repairing role. Remineralizing, Clay restores suppleness to your skin. For normal skin: it is the softest.

98 % natural ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: Hectorite / moroccan lava clay, parfum, linalool, coumarin, d-limonene, citronellol, geraniol.


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