• Eucalyptus scented black soap with argan oil
  • Eucalyptus scented black soap with argan oil

Eucalyptus scented black soap with argan oil

Perform a cleansing or scrubbing with black soap at home is possible thanks to the olive paste and kessa glove. These natural treatments restore the skin all its softness, without attacking it. The bathroom or the hammam, a must-see place for oriental beauty, is an opportunity to take care of your skin, by coating your body with perfumed black soap.

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savon noir

An ancestral soap recipe

With a base of olive oil and potash and used since ancient times in Morocco, black soap or olive paste is an unparalleled cleanser and purifier. Made in a cauldron as traditionally, with 100% pure argan and olive oils, olive paste is to be used either as a preparation paste for exfoliation with the kessa glove, or as a replacement for a shower gel. No need for a hammam to use it, you can easily use it in a shower or in a bath. A few drops of eucalyptus essential oils allow the Eucalyptus olive paste version to bring a touch of freshness to your treatment.

How to apply black soap

As a shower paste for natural cleaning with soap. As a scrub when the skin becomes rough for deep exfoliation with the kessa glove.
Apply the olive paste to your moistened skin.

As a shower paste: Massage and emulsify with circular movements on your body. Rinse.

As a scrub: Massage and emulsify on your body. Rinse and rub with the kessa glove. Rinse.

savon noir

We answer your questions

Can I put some on my face?

The skin of the face is thinner and more fragile than that of the body. It is always advisable to use specific products for the face, so we do not recommend using Olive Paste on your face.

Why is the color of your black soap light when in Morocco it is black?

We have chosen pure argan and olive oils for olive paste while the traditional black soap uses olive pomace oils (residue of olives).

Can it be suitable for all skin types?

Yes, it is suitable even for dry skin.

How to store black soap?

It is important to close the pot well after use so that water does not enter the pot despite its use in the shower.

Can this Les Sens de Marrakech product be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

You can use the olive paste version without perfume, it will be ideal for you.

Compositions & ingredients

Extra virgin olive oil: Rich in antioxidants, protects the skin from signs of aging. Super hydrating and nourishing. Calms and soothes skin prone to redness and irritation. Very soft and perfectly tolerated by sensitive skin.
Argan oil: Emblematic and endemic oil of Morocco. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids (approx. 90%), vitamins A (improves skin elasticity) and B, D and E (accelerates cell repair).
Phytosterols: Firming, softening, Antioxidant, anti-aging: neutralizes free radicals; Extremely nourishing, healing and protective. A real treasure for the skin.
Tocopherol (from sunflower and soybean oil): Vitamin E. Prevents products from undergoing oxidation.

100% natural ingredients

INGREDIENTS : Aqua, olea europaea fruit oil, potassium hydroxid refined, argania spinosa kernel oil, eucalyptus globulus leaf extract, rosmarinus officinalis extract, tocopherol, helianthus annuus seed oil, ascorbyl palmitate, lecithin, limonene


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Based on argan oil and olive oil and made according to Moroccan tradition, this black soap allows a natural and gentle cleansing without sulphates and a traditional Moroccan exfoliation with the kessa glove.

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