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Known for more than 4000 years, the olive is not only this little fruit that accompanies so well our summer dishes. It is also, with the resulting oil, an amazing beauty product. Discover our olive cosmetics.

We use extra virgin olive oil or zaitoon oil to make our black soaps that we call "olive paste" and "black of olives" but also in our "perfect oil" for nails and cuticles.

The virtues of our olive cosmetics

Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, the olive is part of many products for the care of our skin and also our nails. It is a real softener for dry skin. It brings to our epidermis softness and suppleness. Its lack of allergens allows it to suit all skin types.

Olive oil is used in different ways. It will become in turn natural scrub paste, nail oil. We use olive oil in our products called "olive paste". A real exfoliating soap for the body, it offers a body scrub if used in combination with the kessa glove but also in natural and soft cleanser without sulfates for daily use in the shower. Our perfect cuticle oil that uses olive oil combined with other oils (argan, prickly pears and almonds) offers the perfect care for your nails. Made in Marrakech, our products benefit from the best ingredients selected and controlled by a French toxicology laboratory.

Copy the Egyptian women and their fabulous beauty secrets: Choose olive-based products. These are natural products and nature knows how to serve women and their skin so delicate!