les sens de marrakech Moroccan bath soap and other beauty products

Moroccan bath soap and other body products of Morocco

Since the bath must be not only a moment of relaxation but also of regeneration, we have created for you these products of optimal quality.

Available in one size

Starting from €37.50
  • 100% pure, paraben-free, silicone-free
  • Provides perfect hydration to the skin

Available in one size

Starting from €6.25
  • Magic concoction with shea butter, argan and prickly pear
  • Effectively repairs tired feet and heels
Starting from €17.50
  • 100% natural ingredients for face, body and hair
  • Gently and naturally absorbs all impurities

Moroccan bath soap for everyone

The bath is an opportunity to take care of your body, your skin and even your soul. To get the best benefits, it is strongly recommended to use specific products that meet the needs of each type of skin. Our products are made in Marrakech with carefully selected ingredients, always aiming for quality so that your skin is always healthy and smooth.

Bath and body care products to take care of your body

Les Sens de Marrakech is a brand that offers the best in bath and body products. Our products will allow you to enjoy a real moment of relaxation and well-being. Our products exclusively made in Morocco aim to take care of your body. From traditional soap to ancestral shower, to cream, washcloth and scrub, our products are appreciated for their nourishing and restorative properties, among others benefits. You can also find natural moroccan bath soap also called raw african black soap that is suitable for all skin types.

With our products, you can take care of your body, from head to toe. Our body bath treatments come in a variety of shapes to meet the most stringent requirements and, at the same time, enhance the décor of your bathroom.

By using our products with a thousand and one scents and which contain the treasures of Morocco, you will simply feel better in your skin. You will feel fresh and renewed! Feel free to browse our selections, you will surely find the product of your dreams along with our best black olive soap!