les sens de marrakech Oils and balms for a complete hydration

Oils and balms for a naturally beautiful skin

Body oils will nourish, polish the skin and make it soft and smooth. A body care oil will soothe the very dry areas and restore elasticity to the skin.

Water care oil

Find 4 precious oils in a single bottle: argan oil, sweet almond oil, refined sunflower oil and castor oil. The best treasures of nature, collected specifically for the well-being of your skin.

Available in one size

Starting from €37.50
  • 100% pure, paraben-free, silicone-free
  • Provides perfect hydration to the skin

Sensual oil

Enriched in argan oil with nourishing and regenerating virtues and delicately perfumed, it is a delight for dry skins. The Sensual oil is also excellent in repairing massage for the body.

Sensual balm

You are surely going to love the melting texture of this balm. It slips on the body and envelops the skin with an infinite softness by bringing a touch of silk. You can also use it as a nourishing styling balm for curly, dry hair.

The virtues of oils and balms

The oils and balms for the body of Les Sens de Marrakech allow to bring an optimal hydration to the whole body. The composition of the oil is essential, for the sensitive skins it is necessary to privilege the pure oils without perfume and without alcohol like an argan oil. By its texture, the oil will encourage massage, which will help fight against the natural dryness of the skin.

The "perfect nail and cuticle oil" will soften the cuticles and strengthen them. The body oil can also be used on the hair, this is the case of argan oil. The "Sensual Nourishing balm" Les Sens de Marrakech is a body care balm that can be used in hair styling balm for curly hair.

Oils and balms with natural composition

The "Water Care" oil is applied under the shower, apply the oil by massaging in circular motions then rinse with clear water and dry. It is possible to dress directly afterwards. It is composed of argan oil, sweet almond oil, refined sunflower oil and castor oil.

Les Sens de Marrakech also offers a pure argan oil with many benefits. It is famous for softening and protecting the skin and hair. It is used daily after the shower. Argan oil is also present in the nourishing sensual balm of the same range, its texture envelops the skin of an absolute sweetness. The "Sensual Oil" is a body oil composed of 7 scents that all contain argan oil.