les sens de marrakech Fragrant mandarin beauty products, based on natural ingredients

An exclusive well-being from the fragrant mandarin range

For a trip to the doors of your home, the fragrant mandarin range transports you to the thousand scents of Marrakech and its citrus fruit.

Available in one size

Starting from €28.75
  • Body, Shower oil
  • For a fast and efficient nutrition of the skin

Available in one size

Starting from €38.25
  • Body, leave-in scented Argan oil
  • Ideal for moisturizing and softening dry skin
Starting from €35.00
  • Personalized pouch containing your favorite products
  • A scented milk with shea butter soap Made in Marrakech

Top-of-the-range beauty products for all skin types

Natural cosmetics with the invigorating scent of the fragrant mandarin. Built around a shower of aromatic herbs warmed by a winter sun, fragrant mandarin is an olfactory proposition that brings you into the world of natural cosmetics. Take care of your skin by using our cosmetic products that are a true reference in natural cosmetics' world. Thus, discover for example, Desert Sand Body Scrub which offers a scrub in 2 phases oil and grains to exfoliate and illuminate your skin exclusively.

High quality fragrant mandarin cosmetic products

Cosmetics based on fragrant mandarin provide an answer to offer you the perfect well-being from head to toe. These are beauty products of extraordinary quality. Among them, argan oil-based fragrant mandarin soap that brings the comfort and richness of argan oil and shea butter to your bath. The Ancestral Shower fragrant mandarin with aloe vera immerses your shower in a fresh and energizing universe while preserving the natural quality of your skin. It allows to clean easily your skin with softness and benevolence. In addition, rich in sweet almond oil and argan oil, Oriental Milk is a body milk that will soften your skin, give it a velvety touch and then cover it with a fragrant veil resulting from this alchemy scented mixed mandarin and basil. An easy-to-use beauty product, Oriental Milk applies and penetrates quickly and is recommended for all skin types. Moreover, among our online cosmetics products, the fragrant Mandarin collection offers you the ideal body water care oil to nourish and soften your skin. With an easy and fast use, the Sensual body Oil offers you an unequaled velvety skin. You can also opt for Exfoliating Cream with argan grains and of course the fragrant Mandarin Box for your high-end cosmetic products.

For the well-being and care of your skin, whatever its type, opt for cosmetic products based on fragrant mandarin, the best cosmetic products in the field.