Loyalty program
les sens de marrakech Programme fidélité

Loyalty program

For your well-being and your spa sessions, take advantage of our quality products, we offer you different types of treatments adapted to each of your needs.

Your loyalty is rewarded

Les Sens de Marrakech presents its loyalty points program designed to reward the loyalty of all its customers.

This program allows the customer to accumulate points based on his seniority and activity. They can then keep them or convert them into a discount coupon for future purchases.

With the loyalty space, the customer is free to choose the amount of discount voucher that suits him, according to his needs of the moment, in a rich and varied catalog.

  • 25€ VTA spent
    25 points
  • 25 loyalty points
  • Convertible from 150 Points (Only via the site)
  • Loyalty points valid for 365 days
accumulate points

How to accumulate points ?

Your loyalty discount is calculated every day over a period of 365 days. If you placed an order more than 365 days ago, it will no longer count towards your loyalty discount. If you have placed multiple orders within a few days of each other, you will receive multiple emails encouraging you to place an order to keep your loyalty discount.

Earn points for every purchase made on the lessensdemarrakech.fr website. The rewards will be unlocked from 14 days after the purchase (return period).

25 Euros spent = 25 loyalty points won.

25 loyalty points = 0.50 Euros.

  • 25 points
    Create a customer account
  • 15 points
    New order
  • 40 points
    2 orders within 1 month of each other
  • 30 points
    Leave us a review of a purchased product
  • 60 points
    Show us the before/after
  • 100 points
    Let us know your opinion on our products in a video
  • 10 points
    Leave us a Like on Instagram
  • 25 points
    Let us know your birthday
convertir loyalty points

How to convert your loyalty points ?

When you login to your account, your loyalty discount will be converted into a discount voucher from 150 points accumulated or a total of 3€ discount. Once added to your cart, the discount will be directly applied to the list price of all items on the site except for the category offers or if a product has a greater discount than your loyalty discount. In these cases, the latter will not be applied. However the minimum amount to apply the generated discount code is 25 € VTA of order.