les sens de marrakech Home accessories all made in Morocco and handcrafted

Home products Les Sens de Marrakech are coming to you

Les Sens de Marrakech has a varied range of perfume for the home from the lands of Orient which will delight your senses and sublimate the interior of your home.

Pillow mist

Perfumes for pillows, sheets and curtains. Gently perfume your bedroom, the place of all your dreams. Two variations to choose from: orange blossom (which lulls you to sleep with its soft and unique scent), or lotus ginger (a unique blend of lotus and ginger for nights full of surprises).

Capilla fragrance diffuser

This glass scent diffuser with capilla stems is perfect to perfume your interior continuously. The principle of diffusion can not be any simpler: the vegetable stems take in the perfume that the vase contains and diffuse it progressively by capillary rise, thus delivering a sweet and constant scent.

Fragrant Room Spray

Want to perfume your home quickly and offer yourself a scent from the Orient in one spray? These perfumes to be vaporized with the various scents will enable you to transform the odor and the environment of a room in only one spray. Which scent would you choose? Flowery, powdery, fresh or deep? Les Sens de Marrakech gives you the choice.

Starting from €3.00
  • For a soft and natural capillary diffusion
  • They release the scents in a lasting way

Available in one size

Starting from €18.75
  • Perfume your home intensely and quickly and feel at the heart of a riad in Marrakech.
  • Highest fragrance concentration of the range.
Starting from €15.00
  • Handmade ceramic decorative incense burner
  • Allows a soft diffusion of the perfumes
Starting from €7.50
  • Its fragrance is a real pleasure for the senses
  • To use to perfume the house, the cupboards, the interior

Our home fragrances are an invitation to an olfactory journey

Riads in Morocco are a treat for the view and the senses. Our homemade accessories, composed of products with natural scents from the lands of the Orient, will transport you to these traditional houses that make the charm of Morocco. Our range of products contains items with varied and subtle scents that will embalm your home with mists and oriental scents.

Homemade products from the Moroccan tradition

Les Sens de Marrakech range for the home is made up of several types of products. Enhance the scent of your linens with our pillow mists. Capture the essence of Moroccan oriental mists in a warm and subdued atmosphere with our scented candles. Opt for a solid perfume such as the musk in a square form that is to be applied on your wrists or can embalm the rooms of your home and your cabinets and drawers. Les Sens de Marrakech gives you a variety of perfume to spray and diffusers of which each bottle has been handcrafted in Marrakech in the purest respect of Moroccan craftsmanship.

If you have already purchased a bottle, you can opt for a 100 ml refill. It is also possible to purchase homemade perfume boxes, containing a selection of accessories Les Sens de Marrakech. Do not hesitate and discover our range of products for the home!