les sens de marrakech Natural soaps from Morocco with oriental scents

Soaps with pleasant oriental scents

Hard or liquid, enjoy the different colors and scents of soaps Les Sens de Marrakech to wash your hands daily.

Soft soap

Solid soap 100 Gs extra soft composed of argan oil and shea butter. Made in Marrakech, the soaps offer a palette of scents that offers an olfactory journey. Jasmine, patchouli, rose & sandalwood, verbena, orange blossom, amber & musk and mandarin will make you discover a different emotion.

Traditions soap

This liquid soap with aloe vera is suitable for all types of skin and does not alter its ph. Its base with Aloe Vera allows on the contrary to make a cleaning gently of the skin without weakening it. Use this natural liquid soap with aloe vera that can suit any type of skin even the driest to get a smooth and supple after each wash. No need to look far if you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing all day long.

The usefulness of soaps

Soaps have been an integral part of beauty products for many generations. Having often suffered a bad reputation, they are again appreciated because of their ease of use and their undeniable utility. They rinse easily and leave no residual film on the skin.

Les Sens de Marrakech offers you a complete range of soaps with oriental flavors to find this natural and traditional washing sensation. To decorate your bathroom and to put your soaps easily, soap-holders are also available: an oval soap dish in silver metal and enamelled ceramic. These are unique creations made by Marrakech artisans. There is also a box with 6 soaps with different scents and a mini-vanity to discover this range with oriental flavors.

The effectiveness of soaps

The washing agents of traditional soaps are very powerful, that's why we have a real sense of cleanliness after using them. The cleaning power of a soap is indeed greater than that of a shower gel. Morocco has developed many soaps with oriental flavors.

The soaps of the range Les Sens de Marrakech will leave the hands clean and soft after use. You can fin in this section, liquid soaps and solid soaps. One is composed of argan oil and shea butter known for its soothing and nourishing properties. It will thus prevent the drying of the hands.

The liquid hand soap is composed of aloe vera, it will clean the skin gently.