• Kessa scrub glove
  • Kessa scrub glove

Kessa scrub glove

The glove of kessa is a glove of crepe to be used under the shower in duet with the black soap natural olive paste, eucalyptus or black olive with the aromatic extracts for a cleaning or a deep exfoliation. Used traditionally in Morocco, it is an essential complement to find at home the care of the hammam and take care of your skin.



For the exfoliation, in viscose crepe is to be used in the shower in duo with the extra mild soap, Ancestral shower or the black soap Natural olive paste, eucalyptus or aromatic extracts according to your preference. Thanks to its fibers in micro relief, it creates a mechanical exfoliation for a spectacular exfoliation. Thus, it allows the skin to oxygenate to regain its luminosity and softness. An essential for your shower, we advise you to do it once a week.

Use: Wet your body, apply olive paste black soap or shower gel to your skin. With the kessa scrub glove, massage your body in circular motions. Rinse and regain soft, satiny skin.

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