Rhassoul, or ghassoul or Moroccan lava clay is a natural clay famous in Morocco. Present on the web site Les Sens de Marrakech, it can be used daily in the shower to take full advantage of its saponifying power.

Rhassoul mask for the skin

The moroccan clay mask has breathtaking virtues for the skin. Its natural composition makes it suitable for all skin types without damaging them.

Rhassoul, a natural face wash

It absorbs impurities from the skin, which is why it is very popular in Morocco during a traditional hammam session.

This clay from Morocco as a mask for oily skin

It helps regulate sebum production on oily skin because it absorbs excess while being gentle on the skin.

Ghassoul, synonymous with skin softness

After using the mask, the cleansed skin becomes softer, with tightened pores.

Rhassoul mask for hair

During a moroccan hammam session, women always have this rhassoul mask in hand, not only for their skin but also for their hair.

Shampoo with natural rhassoul

Thanks to the minerals it contains, it acts as a shampoo, a vacuum cleaner of impurities on the scalp. Just leave it in for a few minutes to feel the effects. The shampoo with moroccan clay is recommended for scalps with a tendency to be greasy. Because of its ultra-absorbent power, it is not recommended for coloured or bleached hair. Silicone-free and chemical-free, it is a perfect ally for hair and scalp with an oily tendency.

Protection for the scalp

When the scalp is cleaned and free of residue, it is the most effective weapon against sebum. This means that natural rhassoul helps to make hair stronger and shinier.

Combats dandruff and itching

For people who suffer from itching and dandruff, it is recommended to introduce a clay mask for hair in their hair routine. Indeed, it helps restore the scalp in a natural way.

How to apply Rhassoul for Hair ?

To obtain a paste, first mix the rhassoul hair powder with hot water or micellar water. Then apply the mixture obtained to the desired area. Wait 5 to 10 minutes. Finally, rinse thoroughly.

How to apply the Rhassoul body mask?

It is the same process as for the hair mask with the exception, for dry skin, of mixing rhassoul powder with some Argan oil or sensual oil. Leave in from 5 to 10 minutes before rincing.

Where can I find moroccan clay?

On our website Les Sens de Marrakech, choose between the Rhassoul with aromatic extracts or the scent free rhassoul. At least one of them will become your best face, body and hair cleanser.

So don’t hesitate any longer and discover our range of products of natural origin and made in Marrakech.