The scents are very personal and individual. They are part of our experience, our imagination and our universe. Whatever scent you choose, it gradually becomes your signature, something that becomes part of how people perceive you.

Our goal is to get as close as possible to your aspirations, your preferences and your personality. These are not just eau de parfum, but beauty products that you use daily, whether in the shower or taking care of your body.

In this article, we are happy to bring you some advice to guide you in choosing the scent from the body range that suits you according to your personality.

Choosing the scent of a range according to your personality

Citrus ranges:

If you have a lot of ambition, an adrenaline lover, and if you are always in search of serenity and a leader by nature, you should use the citrus body range. In other words, it is a perfume that presents a perfect mix between fresh and herbaceous aromas with a “citrus” type essence. Take for example the aromatic mandarin range or the orange blossom range.

Woody scents:

If you are a strong person with character, we advise you to choose a woody fragrance, because it is an essence that exhibits this “strength” by nature. In general, this type of smell is associated with the sturdiness of trees and therefore its concordance with your personality. At Les Sens de Marrakech, you can then try the amber & musk or even patchouli.

Gourmet fragrances:

Usually this type of perfume is used by gentle and spontaneous people. Good / not alive, they do not like routine and have a sense of important sociability. Then try the Almond Petals range.

Floral scents:

This is a common scent among dreamy, romantic and sensitive women. If paired with fruity aromas, it can be a good option for more adventurous women. But, if mixed with citrus essences, it is recommended for women with a more sophisticated style. At Les Sens de Marrakech, you can enjoy the Galant de Nuit or Almond Petals range, but also Jasmine.

Floral with notes of rose:

Listening, empathetic, generous, receptive to the needs of others, you can choose this perfume to accompany you on a daily basis. Generally, those who use it are determined and introspective people. We then offer you the Rose & Sandalwood.

Remember that the olfactory memory plays a primary role and therefore it is important that you choose a perfume according to your personality. This way, you will avoid giving the wrong message to those around you.

Now that you know how fragrances are associated with people’s personalities, it will be easier and faster for you to pick the scent from the range that somehow defines you.
For any order, we suggest that you ask for your dose of samples which will allow you to discover the universe of scents of Les Sens de Marrakech bath and body care.