Who has not dreamed of having a perfect complexion? Certainly all of us! But to achieve this result, it essentially involves the adoption of an effective routine.

A perfect complexion with a basic routine and natural products

To have a beautiful complexion, it is important to combine two indissociable elements: an effective basic routine and natural products that are appropriate for your skin type. These play a very important role in giving you a fresh look and an embellished complexion.
Taking all these elements into consideration, Les Sens De Marrakech offers a selection of facial products that contain ingredients of natural origin:

Eye contour Gel Cream for beautiful eyes

We know that eyes are the secret of every woman’s beauty. Thus, it is important to take care of them especially by providing specific care to their outline. The Eye contour gel Cream helps maintain the natural elasticity of the skin essential to curb the appearance of wrinkles while making your skin velvety and nourished. With extracts of dates and prickly pears, you will quickly fall in love with this little luxury.

Pure melting scrub for a deep skin cleansing

An exfoliated skin equals a more radiant skin! Based on argan oil, the pure melting scrub eliminates dead skin and thus lightens the complexion. What better way than to spoil your skin than with this melting scrub?

Fresh emulsion for a well nourished skin

The use of a day cream is an essential component in your routine. It allows dry and tense skin to be softer, especially if it is based on nourishing ingredients like Fresh Emulsion. With extracts of dates, argan oil, sweet almond and shea butter, Fresh Emulsion is the favorite of all those who have tried it!

The advantage of adopting a natural skin routine

The secret of beautiful skin is not always in makeup. The latter can sometimes make the skin look older and less attractive. Indeed, the different layers of cosmetics put on the skin can suffocate and can make the complexion duller.
For this, it is advisable before opting for makeup to adopt an effective routine. Indeed, the daily monitoring of the skin makes it possible to cure all the imperfections which, at the base, are always camouflaged by the makeup. Because makeup usually hides imperfections rather than correcting them. Yet, a good natural skin routine gives a healthy and refreshed skin with or without cosmetics. Thanks to this, makeup becomes an option and not a necessity.
In other words, when you have perfect natural complexion, makeup is only a means of accentuating beauty rather than a camouflage agent.