It’s autumn! The air is crisp, the wind is blowing, the leaves are falling: everything is so beautiful… The skin, like nature, is entering a new season and it’s up to us to adapt by offering you fall skin care.

Before seeing what special fall facials using to remedy the situation, do you know exactly what is happening to your skin now? Read on for more details.

What happens to the skin in the fall?

In autumn, the skin is less dry than it was in summer because of the sun and will be in winter because of the cold. The key word is balance and protect. The more protected the skin is, the more serenely it will face the rigors of winter.

A few simple gestures can help balance and prepare your skin for winter and keep your skin healthy and full of beauty even in autumn. These care habits will help minimize the effects of the cold.

It is also necessary to know that changing your cream and your skin care habits in general is a very good habit. Thus, the skin will prefer lighter care in the off-seasons (fall and spring) and richer care in winter and summer.

Just as the wardrobe is different, the skin likes change, the effects of the care and comfort are then amplified.

Natural products for face care during the fall season

A moisturizing cream

The skin may need more hydration in the fall to recharge its cells with water, which are largely depleted in the summer.

It is therefore essential to use moisturizing products to keep it healthy. And precisely, the Radiance Cream can help moisturize sun-dried skin. It can even strengthen the skin’s barrier to protect you from the harmful effects of the coming cold.

In fact, over time, this day cream will help your skin cope with the next season. You will totally forget any feeling of dryness or tightness. A true ally of skin tired by dryness, La Belle Crème brings softness and velvetiness for a long time.

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A gentle make-up remover for the face

The most important thing is to protect your skin in autumn, to care for it from the summer sun and to prepare it for winter. Make-up removal is absolutely essential. A good make-up removal is to let the skin rest at night so that it regains its strength naturally. Therefore, make sure to gently remove your makeup twice a day. We suggest the following autumn face care products two products with natural ingredients that won’t further dry out your skin.

Démaquillée with its vegetable oils allows to remove the excess of make-up or pollution. While Micellar cleansing water  will perfect this make-up removal with its millions of droplets in the water.

Other things to do this fall besides facials

Get enough sleep

Nothing beats natural, right? So, apart from the products suggested above, this fall, you can include “sleep a little more” in your fall face care routine. Why not? Sleep is such a simple yet important part of having beautiful skin. This season, it’s time to take a nap and wake up glowing!

Drink enough water

Did you know? Drinking water is great for keeping your skin hydrated. Even the best cream in the world will never do as well as a good liter of water that you can drink and then put directly into your body.

Even in cooler weather, the body needs water to keep your face from drying out.

The benefits of drinking water for the face:

  • Maintains a natural hydration of the cells
  • Helps improve elasticity and may prevent the appearance of wrinkles in the long term
  • Allows the skin to eliminate toxins more efficiently

It can be hard to take care of your skin when the weather changes. But if you maintain a good beauty cocooning routine throughout the year, you’ll be ready for whatever the seasons throw at you. Healthy skin isn’t achieved by a one-time treatment, but by investing in it 24/7!

Sweaters, fall weather and happy skin are in the forecast for your future!