Temperatures begin to drop, the skin goes into protection and defense mode to face the winter. It is essential to give it special attention to respect its natural hydration and provide it with the necessary care.

What the skin suffered in summer

– After sunbathing and swimming, the natural hydration of the skin has been put to the test. The epidermis has lost its elasticity and suppleness.

– A skin that thickens a little more during the summer, you know? It’s actually a way for her to protect herself against UV rays. The skin thus creates a new layer, some people might notice a more beautiful skin in summer, devoid of acnes, etc. But beware, this is only temporary. Summer is over, if the skin does not receive the appropriate care, beware of clogged pores and imperfections and the skin, to defend itself, will return to its initial pre-summer state.

– The skin has benefited from the light and the outdoors. In autumn, and soon in winter, there will be fewer favorable climatic elements and the skin will therefore have to be strong. It must therefore be prepared by reinforcing the natural protective barrier it has on its surface: the famous hydrolipidic film!

Autumn skin care: nourish and hydrate!

As we have seen, what happened before the summer is the skin which is in “dehydration” mode and in order to show imperfections… It is then the right time to oppose these effects.

Before applying a cream, always prefer to remove your make-up, especially in the evening. To do this, you have the choice between a micellar water or cleansing milk.

Then choose your day cream depending on your skin type. And you can even add argan oil and/or prickly pear oil (in the section serum and oil) for even more efficiency.

How to know if the skin is lacking in hydration? Tightness, discomfort, itching, fine lines or streaks, areas of dryness that peel. Namely that it is a momentary state, unlike the state of skin lacking nutrition.

Feeding (= adding fat) and hydrating (= adding water) being different, this fall, you will have to change your routine to opt for a creamier cream. This will avoid tightness and redness. You can change the product if necessary, but the ideal is to stay on the same one for at least 3 months so that its active ingredients have time to act.

The most nourishing ingredients for each skin type

– Shea butter for dry skin in the fall: use the product Fresh emulsion

– Aloe vera for normal skin: a soothing mask break required once or twice a week

– Hyaluronic acid for oily skin via the mask nourishing mask break

– A complete treatment, both moisturizing and anti-aging for mature skin: use the ages and wonders cream

Choose your vegetable oil according to your skin!

Sweet almond oil if your skin is dry. Argan oil and prickly pear oil for mature skin. Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of the night to coat it with the best products of nature, pamper it as much as you want!

Detoxify with a scrub

Despite the exfoliating treatments that we were able to do during the summer season, the skin thickened and became “clogged”. Now is the time to remove dead cells and other impurities! How to take care of your skin? Easy, we continue to exfoliate once a week. It generally gives an immediate burst of radiance. Enough to adopt it without too much hesitation!

As a scrub, you can use:

– Desert sand scrub: a gentle blend of salt, argan oil and various pleasant scents inspired by different worlds to nourish and exfoliate the skin so that it becomes softer and velvety. (Order desert sand scrub)

– Argan Grain Exfoliating Cream: With a blend of finely ground argan and rice powder and a touch of argan, mango and shea butters. This exfoliating cream removes dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin to reveal smooth and soft skin. To be applied once or twice a week in an even layer on dry skin before performing circular movements to exfoliate. Rinse. (Order the Exfoliating cream with argan grains)

Here are our fall skin care tips to help repair post-summer skin (even the driest ones). Find skin that is calm, hydrated and ready to face whatever the rest of the year has in store!