You often hear the beauty professionals say that you have to do a good make-up removal morning and evening. The mistake would be to think that a makeup removal is only for people who wear makeup but if it is true that makeup “bogs” the skin, pollution and ambient air deposit all day long micro dust that is best left in the sink rather than on the skin.

To remove makeup, yes but with what?

It is important to know how to remove makeup to keep the beauty of the skin. Certainly, it is always a moment of real pleasure to put your face under the water. We all know that water is a source of life and energy. But the water is unfortunately often calcareous and not good enough  to keep the balance of the skin.

A Cleansing Milk is composed of emollient rather “fat” as oils or butters that remove all the impurities deposited on the skin. Applied in massage or using a cotton, the most recalcitrant makeup will not withstand any cleansing milk.
Micellar water has the advantage of having a refreshing effect and immediate cleansing. It contains micelles, they are very fine particles of oil invisible to the naked eye but which will allow to make a perfect skin cleansing.

Micellar water or cleansing milk depending on the amount of your makeup you put on

How to have a beautiful skin after cleansing? Recognize the amount of makeup you put on to know the right product to use to remove it effectively.

  • If you used a lot of makeup
    Use both of them. First, Cleansing Milk will remove the most stubborn mascaras and foundations or other. It will then be necessary to perfect your make-up removal with the micellar water which will definitively eliminate the remains of make-up and will cleanse the skin.
  • If your makeup is light
    You can choose micellar water or cleansing milk according to your needs. If you have dry skin, opt for Cleansing milk. If your skin is rather normal to mixed and sensitive, then micellar water will suit you more.
  • If you do not wear makeup or use very little (just a blush during the day).
    You are then rather natural and the micellar water will suit you perfectly. With a feeling of lightness and freshness, it will allow you to remove the natural impurities accumulated throughout the day. In a jiffy with the help of a cotton, you are ready for the night or to start the day.

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