In summer, to tan well and make the tan last, it is important to scrub the face and the whole body. Here, find all our preparation secrets to have that beautiful glowing skin with a tanned complexion.

Exfoliate the whole body

Do you have your tanning product and are you ready to “have a new skin”, but wait a minute. Is your body ready for this?

I know it might seem to be contradictory but exfoliating the body makes the tan last longer. Did you know that? It’s true because, dead skins may prevent the tan to be perfect. All that to say then that no matter the quality of the tanning beauty products you use, it is best to prepare your skin by exfoliating it deeply.

Try today the desert sand scrub, its melting texture and authentic fragrances will seduce you for sure !

Prepare your skin to encounter Mr Sun, use this sand scrub once or twice per week on a dry skin. You will instantly notice the difference. Convinced? Choose among 6 scents: jasmine, orange blossom, amber and musk, verbena, rose and sandalwood and fragrant mandarin.

Tanning secret for your face

Hey let’s not forget to take care of our face. For this, a scrub also, but concocted especially for the soft skin of the face. This is the Pure Melting Scrub: a delicious blend of Argan oil and prickly pear oil. Its micro particles of Argan rid the skin of all impurities while the oils make it soft and ready to be exposed.

Certainly, with the body scrub and the special face scrub, your tanned and homogeneous complexion will last longer while keeping a natural effect.

Other secrets to prolong your tan naturally:

– Hydration: nourished skin retains colour better than dry skin. So, for your face, regularly use a day cream. But also, moisturize the entire body by drinking more water to prevent dryness.
– Products that are gentle on the skin: in summer, you need warmer and you tend to wash more. Choose water that is not too hot so as not to weaken the skin, but also use a mild shower gel. As our aloe vera shower gel for example.

So, as you understood it, in response to the question « how to prolong your tan naturally », we respond, preparing the skin with simple products and habits.