This is the basis of the right choice of your product. Knowing your skin type is essential to your skin’s well-being, radiance and vitality.

If you think that it is rather dry, greasy, sensitive, mixed but that a doubt remains, no hesitations, take this test which will allow you to reinforce your idea or to discover that your skin is not that which you believe !

A free test for a good skin diagnosis

Choose the point that seems closest to your skin type.

1- My skin shines on the nose, chin and forehead and sometimes on the face

I often have small imperfections pimples or blackheads, it is rather firm and plump. My wrinkles are rather marked. I do not have feelings of tightness even if I do not apply cream.
My main concern: to find a balance in the matifying.

2- My skin feels tight after my shower or after cleaning

It is sometimes dull and my expression lines are my first signs of age. I find that it lacks flexibility and it sometimes appears streaks on the surface that leaves feeling that it lacks water or fat.
My main concern: its softness and comfort.

3- I often have a tingling sensation with frequent redness

At the end of my shower, my skin pulls if I do not apply cream. It crackles and it gives me discomfort. When it’s cold or hot, these characteristics are even more present which makes my skin sensitive to external aggressions.
My main concern: soothe its sensitivity and reduce redness.

The results of your skin diagnosis

You feel rather:

In point n°1: your skin is mixed or oily

According to this skin diagnosis, you should adopt rather matifying and astringent products whose mission will be to bring balance. Adore the clay-based masks, especially the green one, and avoid fatty or nourishing products that will clog your skin. Clean your skin perfectly morning and evening.
In the range Les Sens de Marrakech: all products with ginger and tea tree like the purifying mask break with green clay, tea tree and ginger.

In point n°2: your skin is dry or very dry

Concentrate on the products that will feed it. All products based on vegetable oil, shea butter, mango, argan. Do not be afraid of “fatty” beauty products, your skin will quickly absorb them.
In the range Les Sens de Marrakech: all products with dates like the nourishing mask break with date extracts and hyaluronic acid.

In point n°3: your skin is sensitive

Opt for moisturizing and soothing care. Moisturizing is first and foremost bringing water to the skin. This water supply is made with active ingredients from synthesis. It is essential to drink regularly. To soothe sensitive skin, Aloe Vera is a very good asset that will reduce tingling.

In the range Les Sens de Marrakech: all products with Aloe Vera like the face scrub with aloe vera and prickly pear oil.

We hope this facial skin diagnosis has helped you to know the products that are right for you.