Add a touch of elegance to your home with the different scents of Les Sens de Marrakech room fragrances. Inspired by life in Marrakech, from the riads to the gardens of a thousand scents, from nature, each fragrance has been made with love, from its contents to its fully recyclable packaging and Moroccan design.
A home fragrance for each personality reveals a lasting and unique atmosphere. Discover the 10 scents that we offer you exclusively.

The charm of majestic Amber

The blended notes of amber and vanilla-patchouli in this home fragrance offer relaxation and serenity with each spray. In a simple gesture, the whole house is invited to taste the charm of the heart of the Orient.

The sweetness of a fig tree

This room fragrance with rounded green fig leaves will enhance all your rooms with subtle soft fragrances and will charm you with the creamy softness of ripe figs from the end of summer that it reminds you of.

The ambience of the Oriental Gardens

Transport yourself in a spray in the gardens of Morocco in spring. This oriental room fragrance with orange blossom enhanced with jasmine leaves behind a sweet smell.

Recall of a summer storm in Marrakech

Find this feeling of freshness after a strong heat in Marrakech with this home fragrance with lemon verbena. It sparkles, it awakens and creates a totally marrakchi summer atmosphere in every space of the house.

The Taste of Atlas Honey

One spray and the whole house is immersed in a natural sweet orange scent. With its notes of honey enhanced by citrus and the tenderness of orange blossom, this home fragrance inspired by nature underlines the oriental culture from which it was drawn.

Escape in Essaouira

A true ode to the city of Essaouira, this interior fragrance is reminiscent of walks along the seafront in this coastal town. Sprinkled with lemon with a touch of tangerine and cedar, a magical blend naturally transports us to Morocco.

Orange Sweetness room fragrance

Ideal for creating an atmosphere reminiscent of childhood and innocence, Orange Sweetness closes its eyes to the present to take flight into a sweet and serene past. Its smell is that of a sweet candy, tender and soft with orange blossom.

The Sensual Oud

The powerful oud blends with a little saffron, pepper and iris flower to create this sensual home fragrance. A perfect blend of mystery and wilderness, this fragrance is sure to sublimate your home.

Memory of a tea in the Orient

This fragrance for the home transcends tea in the Orient, which has been synonymous with unity and sharing for years in Morocco. Sprinkled with mint, this memory of a Tea in the Orient is a true celebration of ancestral Maghrebian culture.

A nature-inspired room fragrance with rose and sandalwood

Create a tender and romantic atmosphere in your home while adding sensuality and firmness. This home fragrance made in Marrakech with rose and sandalwood gives aphrodisiac and intoxicating olfactory pleasure.

Get your own room fragrance inspired by nature from Les Sens de Marrakech today.