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Perfume your home quickly and offer yourself in 1 spray a fragrance from the East.

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Description of the scents:

Majestic amber: The heart of the Orient with mixed notes of amber and vanilla patchouli.
Sweetness of the fig tree: Green fig leaves rounded by the creamy sweetness of the ripe figs of late summer.
Oriental Gardens: Odes in the gardens of Morocco in the spring. The orange blossom enhanced with jasmine.
Summer storm in Marrakech: Like a stormy rain, sparkling and intense lemon verbena wakes up the heat of summer.
Honey of the atlas: Notes of honey raised by citrus citruses and the tenderness of the orange blossom.
Escapade in Essaouira: The marine scents of the coastal town of Essaouira mixed with lemon, mandarin and cedar.
Orange sugar: Like a sweet candy, tender and sweet with orange blossom.
Sensual oud: Powerful oud with a touch of saffron, pepper and iris flower.
Memory of a tea in the East: A celebration of green tea sprinkled with Moroccan mint.
Rose and Sandalwood: The rose blends with the more woody scent of sandalwood.

Application :

Can be sprayed anytime of the day

All you need to know about: rose & sandalwood

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10 home fragrances inspired by nature and made in Marrakech

So much love and creativity, put into these home fragrances made in Marrakech. For each personality and each home, we have imagined a scent that brings joy and well-being.

For you, here are the 10 scents of our wonderful home fragrances.

reviews (3 reviews)
Mon avis 09/15/2020

Je l'utilisais là où je travaillais comme ménagère mais j'ai toujours voulu l'avoir dans ma maison.

Sucre d'oranger 06/04/2020

On me l'a offert et depuis je l'achète en recharge avec aussi parfois les tiges en rotin (capilla). La senteur est top, je voyage ...


Rapporté du Maroc.
Tout le monde aime ce parfum à la maison. Très contente de pouvoir le trouver en France.

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Home Spray Fragrance

Home Spray Fragrance

Perfume your home quickly and offer yourself in 1 spray a fragrance from the East.

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Perfume your home intensely and quickly. Feel at the heart of a riad in Marrakech.