« My skin is irritated from wearing the protective mask, what should I do? »
Several articles talk about it: wearing a mask is good but can irritate the skin in the long run. So what can you do to protect those around you while taking care of your skin?

Choosing the right protective mask

Prefer cotton and washable protective masks over neoprene masks. This is because components other than cotton can cause allergies and can also suffocate the skin. Cotton is softer, but still, the mask should be removed after a few hours to allow the skin to breathe.

Moisturize your skin properly

Constant contact with the mask fabric for even 30 minutes a day can become a real ordeal, especially for sensitive skin. Here is our advice to take care of your face while respecting the safety instructions against coronavirus.

Start with the Day Cream

How do you put the cream on? It is of course applied at the beginning of the day, on a well-cleansed skin. Without forgetting that the hands must also be disinfected before.
The day cream helps the skin to keep its elasticity and tone. It also prevents the mask from coming into direct contact with the skin.

As a day cream, we recommend the Radiance Cream. Out of 21 women with dry skin, who used it for 3 weeks, 95% noticed a considerable change in their skin. Notably the fact that the skin is really hydrated and nourished and that this hydration lasts all day long.

Taking care of your lips

Also remember to nourish lips that are not exempt from contact with the tissue.
Rich in shea butter, the nourishing balm Lips to love not only moisturizes but also protects. Thus, even after several hours of wearing the mask, it ensures that you always have pink lips.

Apply prickly pear oil at night.

At night, after taking off her makeup (should I use cleansing milk or micellar water?), put some prickly pear oil on the skin. You can also mix it with your usual night cream.
The oil provides more protection and restores the skin’s balance. It also reduces redness, thus relieving the irritated area.

Other tips to protect your skin

– Do not touch your face: the skin may become a little warm or itchy but avoid touching it as much as possible. In addition, this action also promotes the spread of bacteria and viruses to other surfaces.
So resist the temptation and you can use, for example, a thermal water spray for relief.

– Change/wash the mask: even a cotton mask should be changed after at least 4 hours of use. You should get a new one or wash it (if it is washable). If the skin is going to be in constant friction with it, it is best to keep it as clean as possible.

– Put less make-up on: the mask limits the skin’s breathing and pores can become even more blocked because of the make-up. Therefore, limit its use according to the number of hours you should wear the mask. The longer you wear the mask, the less makeup should be put on your skin.