Looking for gifts, challenge or pleasure for you? We have decided to give you some ideas to make the end of the year easier. And as our brand comes straight from the sun of Marrakech, our gift ideas will be fragrant, colorful, natural and finally essential to our well-being.
All our gift ideas are original products coming straight from Marrakech, to have a radiant face, a glowing body and to plunge the whole house in an atmosphere of the thousand and one nights.

And we already wish you a very Merry Christmas 2021 from our team in Marrakech!

Christmas Gift Ideas for parents

What to give to our precious parents for this Christmas 2021? It is often for them that the challenge is the most important, so why not give them cosmetics or authentic perfumes that will surprise them, here are the best products of the moment.

Date beauty duo

For your mother, choose this pretty case in beige imitation leather, this luxury gift is perfect for dry and dehydrated skin. This duo with date Box 2 products in 1 with date will surely delight the heart of the one who receives it. In addition, it will be able to effectively protect her skin from the effects of the cold.

Ages et merveilles cream

“Ages & Merveilles” cream , it is our best seller in the face range. Who is it for? It is ideal for mature, dry and dehydrated skin. Its secret? Its active ingredients, including prickly pear seed oil. This extraordinary ingredient has been specifically formulated to bring strength and energy to dull, slack skin.

Radiance Cream for dry skin

Why offer this cream as a Christmas gift to her mother in 2021? Because La Belle Crème is a concoction based on date extract, hyaluronic acid, vegetable oils and butters (shea and mango). It will be perfect under the Christmas tree because it regenerates and promotes cell renewal, moisturizes and gives the skin resistance and elasticity among many other benefits. This gift can be given to your mother or mother-in-law. They will thank you for giving them one this year!

Christmas gifts for the family

In this section, we have gathered some of our favorites to give as gifts this year for Christmas. Of course, you can find even more gift ideas by visiting Les Sens de Marrakech.

Desert sand scrub:

How about this very original Christmas gift? A nice glass jar with Moroccan colors, filled with a sandy scrub Desert sand body scrub with salt and argan oil. It has a soft and sensual perfume to choose according to your desires. You surely know a friend to whom this scrub will please the day of the Nativity.

100% Moroccan argan oil:

Imagine the look on your best friend’s face when she receives a very special vial straight from Marrakech? This 100% pure and natural oil softens and protects the skin and hair. Rich in vitamin E with antioxidant properties, the 100% pure argan oil Argan oil from Morocco 100% natural and original naturally helps the skin to fight the natural signs of skin slackening.

Cocoon Fondant of shea butter:

For the end of year festivities, dare to celebrate your friendship by offering this authentic concoction with 96% shea butter.  It’s a way to introduce this pure treasure of nature to your ally. This melting cocoon of shea butter Melting Cocoon of Shea Butter
is essential to repair and intensely nourish the skin. Choose between soothing orange blossom and euphoric jasmine.

Christmas gifts for friends and colleagues

And what about the rest of your friends? Here is our selection of end of year gifts for them so that they can immerse their homes in a “Marrakech-like” atmosphere.

Pillow mist

A mist and we escape, a spray and we fly directly to Marrakech. In this period, the custom requires the presence of a Yule log and a buffet. But this pillow mist Orange blossom, lotus and ginger pillow mist  will be the cherry on the cake during the party, for the one to whom you will offer it. Scented with orange blossom or lotus and ginger, it will gently perfume your room, pillows, sheets and curtains. You will be seduced by Perfume for pillows, sheets and curtains.

Perfume spray

Is there a colleague of yours who is a super fan of Marrakech and its traditions? Or maybe there is another one who dreams of discovering it in all its splendor? Then the Marrakech gift ideal, for both of them, it would be this perfume to spray Home spray perfume with oriental scents specially designed in this ochre city. You will surely find the ideal scent among the 10 that are offered.

Box in the heart of a riad

Bring back the magic of a riad to a special person in these festive times. Thanks to this gift set from Marrakech, this person has the authentic and true perfumes of this incomparable place of life. Discover the box in the heart of a riad Gift box for the home: perfumes and scented candles

What a wide choice of gifts! Now it’s up to you to order them online so that they can be delivered to your home on time and to delight the hearts of your loved ones.

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