Preparing your skin for winter is giving it all the assets to pass these difficult months.

During these rigorous months, the skin is subjected to various external aggressions, cold, wind, rain, and it is not rare to see cracks, crevasses, dartres appear for the most fragile and sensitive skins. The more the skin is treated upstream, the less the effects of winter will act on it.

Prevention through specific moisturizing and nutritious treatments will help the skin to protect itself and reduce the effects of winter.

Prepare your skin for winter with a make-up removal routine

A cleansed skin is a skin that breathes. That’s why, especially at night, before going to bed, make sure to use a good make-up remover. If you do not know which one to choose between cleansing milk and micellar water, see our article on “How to remove make-up: with cleansing milk or micellar water?“.

Then, once you discover the right makeup remover compatible with your skin, adopt the cleaning routine with care. When the skin is cleansed, not only does it easily absorb natural products applied to it, but it is also less fragile. Thus, thanks to the daily routine make-up removal, you strengthen the ability of your skin to resist against aggression and you boost the effects of cosmetics that you apply.

We propose you to:

Remove makeup with our natural Micellar Water

Oh Micellaire, natural micellar water made in Marrakech with argan, natural prickly pear seed oil and aloe vera.

Clean the skin with our natural Cleansing Milk

“Démaquillée”, make-up remover made in Marrakech with prickly pear and dates.

Both our Cleansing Milk and our Micellar Water are based on natural ingredients.

Prepare your skin for winter thanks to the day creams

The skin can become dry for several reasons: a too frequent washing with water, a change of season but also, because we do not drink enough during the day and this, especially in winter.

The solutions are easy: the water despite the limestone in it is necessary but then using appropriate cosmetics to your skin type is required. (How to know your skin type and the types of products to put on it?). This will soothe after a wash with water.

While for the second issue: “the skin changes appearance in winter”, use natural care, as the season changes, change your day cream also using a cream with enhanced nutrition from autumn but also lip balms, intense hand and nail creams. All sensitive and most exposed parts should be fed more.

For the 3rd aspect, drink, drink, water, tea. Your body and your skin will forever be grateful to you.

Natural day cream for dry skin

The day cream with dates and shea butter, special for dry skin is Radiance Cream.
Alone or as a make-up base, not only does it protect the skin but it also hydrates to make it stronger.

Natural day cream for mature skin

The natural day cream Ages et Merveilles is composed of argan oil and prickly pears with hyaluronic acid. These elements not only help to moisturize the skin but make it gain more elasticity. They help prevent premature aging while ensuring that the skin always looks good in every season.

Natural care for winter with a scrub

Skin scrub is not an optional step for its well-being. (What are the benefits of a body scrub?)
On the contrary, at least once a week it is necessary to exfoliate the skin. However, favor natural scrub products that are non-comedogenic and gentle on your skin.

Summer Glow Mask Scrub

This natural face scrub with prickly pears and dates gives a bluffing effect even after a few days. Its grains of argan act to gently exfoliate the skin. Ideal scrub for dry and sensitive skin.

Pure Melting Scrub

This natural scrub with prickly pears is a natural exfoliant for a micro peeling at home. Ideal scrub for dull skin.

Put some argan oil or prickly pear seed oil before going to bed

The icing on the cake to be able to have a beautiful skin in winter is to apply natural vegetable oil before bedtime.

For this you can use:

Natural argan oil

A few drops of 100% natural argan oil from Morocco on your skin to boost your nutrition.

Prickly pear seed oil

You can also put Morocco’s natural prickly pear oil, which is excellent for regenerating the skin.

Alternate between argan oil and prickly pear seed oil, or mix the two for optimal results.

This natural care routine for winter is also a pampering routine for taking care of yourself. It is good for the skin but taking care of yourself in winter is also very comforting. The sooner you start adopting it, the more your skin will be able to recharge and protect itself.

Have a good preparation time!