The benefits of a face and body scrub are proven, it must not be excluded from your beauty ritual! Discover all of them here in this article.

The benefits of a body scrub for your skin

The scrub is mainly composed of an oil or a cream to which are added slightly abrasive particles. These particles are, for example, finely ground argan powder or salt or fine sand.
The scrub is applied to the skin of the face or body with a spoon, a brush or the fingertips in the form of small massages. Indeed, the circular movements made on the skin, slow and without pressure, make it possible to get rid of dead cells.

Normally, the skin renews its cells every month, but stress, fatigue, pollution or skin aging can slow down this cycle. The dead cells then accumulate on the skin. Consequences? A tarnished complexion and wrinkles. A body scrub eliminates, then, any thick layer of dead cells, leaving a clean and clearer skin.

Results of the scrub? A skin that breathes better and eases cosmetics penetration. In addition, stimulation of the skin by exfoliation will encourage natural cell renewal and micro-circulation of the blood. That’s enough to make a new skin!

Choosing your face and body scrub product

Regarding the natural facial scrub, it is important to do it with a product dedicated to the face and adapted to your skin type. Like the pure melting scrub with prickly pear oil and aloe vera that is renowned for making skin radiant.
First, perform a gentle scrub once a week, especially for oily skin. Then, it will be necessary to insist on the T-zone (chin, nose, forehead), avoiding the outline of the mouth and the eyes. Finally, after making small circular movements, rinse with cold water if possible with non-calcareous water.

On the rest of the body, the scrub also applies through circular motions, and without pressure. Note that scrubs for the body contain thicker exfoliating grains in order to clean well rough areas such as heels, knees or elbows. Thus, it will be necessary to insist on these zones without neglecting the rest of the body, but avoiding of course the intimate zones. The scrub can be done in the shower or on dry skin before rinsing with warm water.
For an effective and fragrant body scrub, use the desert sand body scrub with argan oil.

What to remember about the benefits of a body scrub for the skin?
Getting rid of dead cells with a natural scrub is helpful in keeping your skin in good shape! It will thus be necessary to use adapted products, to have gentle gestures, and to privilege the care in institute.