How to know which fragrance is best for us? It’s sometimes a matter of circumstances and it’s often a question of personality. It is rare that a rather discreet person will choose an eau de parfum with the powerful scent of patchouli for example. He/she will probably prefer orange blossom or mandarin. That’s why, with our perfume experts; we created this olfactory guide according to your personality. This will help you to know which product range of Les Sens de Marrakech to choose from.

The scents that make you shudder with pleasure:

Flowers / Wet soil / Freshly baked cakes / Citrus fruits

What we think you would like:

Flowers: Choose the products of the jasmine range, orange blossom or Rose & sandalwood.
Wet soil: Choose the products of the Patchouli range or amber & musk.
Freshly baked cakes: Choose the products of the almond blossom range.
Citrus fruits: Choose the products of the fragrant mandarin range or verbena

The greed you can’t resist:

Sorbets / profiteroles / Seasonal fruits

What we advise you:

Sorbets: Choose Fragrant Mandarin , Verbena.
The profiteroles: Choose the Almond blossom, Patchouli and Amber & Musk ranges.
Seasons fruits: Choose the Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Rose & Sandalwood ranges.

The season you love the most:

Spring and Summer / Fall and Winter

What we advise you:

Spring and summer: Choose Mandarin, Verbena, Orange Blossom, Rose & Sandalwood and Jasmine.
Autumn and winter: Choose the Almond blossom, Patchouli and Amber & Musk ranges.

The olfactory guide according to the music that inspires you:

Soft / Dynamic

What we advise you:

Sweet: Choose the ranges Orange Blossom, Amber & Musk, Rose & Sandalwood and Almond Blossom.
Dynamic: Choose the ranges Verbena, Fragrant Mandarin, Patchouli and Jasmine.

The scents that marked your childhood:

The gardens / Travels / The kitchen

What we advise you:

Gardens: Choose the Jasmine, Verbena, Orange Blossom ranges.
Your travels: Choose the Patchouli and Amber & musk ranges.
The cuisine: Choose the ranges Almond blossom, Fragrant mandarin.