Whether we go to the mountains or the sea, we put our bodies within reach of the sun. And even though we enjoy it, we must take the utmost care of our skin to keep it soft and nourished and, above all, to preserve it. Here are some gentle products made with natural ingredients to keep you safe from the sun this year.

Then discover our beauty tips for this summer to get both a perfect face and body during the vacations!

Summer 2021, here we are.

Summer beauty tips for a perfect face

It is quite normal that in summer, the skin heats up more, it will then tend to dry out, especially the face, in direct contact with the sun.

Apart from moisturizing constantly, here are a few special summer beauty routines that could help keep your face radiant and make those around you jealous.

Beware of the effects of the sun on the skin: prolonged exposure to the sun without appropriate care leads to a lack of tone and sagging skin.

What to do then?

Clean your face well in the morning before applying a day cream

Why clean your face in the morning? This question is worth asking, especially if you have already cleaned your face the night before.

In fact, during sleep, bacteria accumulate little by little on the skin. Therefore, a good cleaning is necessary when you wake up to get rid of them.

To do this, a cleansing milk or a micellar water will be enough.

Once the face is well cleaned and dried, apply the Day Cream, it is very important to choose the right cream for your skin type. If you choose the right cream for you, but if you have any doubts (contact our team), know that a thin and especially regular layer is enough. And that’s it, your face is ready to enjoy your vacation. A well-nourished skin can defend itself better against the possible aggressions of the day, the day cream acts a bit like an invisible but very effective barrier.

Choose a mask well adapted to your skin

The mask is something to think about more than ever during the hot vacations. Consider using it once or twice a week (or up to three times a week) as needed. The mask not only nourishes the skin but also firms and tones it.
(Visiter la section “masks”.)

A few drops of serum at night

And, at night, why not use a argan serum or with prickly pear to soothe and moisturize the skin in depth? Use as is or mix with your evening cream. Rinse only when you get up in the morning.

Summer beauty routine for the rest of the body

What summer beauty routine should you adopt to keep your body in tip-top shape? Follow the guide:

Wear a hat and stay in the shade as much as possible

Nothing is easier and better to protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV rays than wearing a hat and staying in the shade as much as possible. Enjoying a good day at the pool without ruining your skin is possible with this cheap and appropriate solution for everyone! Enjoy the sun after 4pm, that’s the best advice we can give you.

Have Flocons de lait nearby

Spray yourself from time to time with Milk Flakes brings an incomparable refreshment to the skin. Its alcohol-free formula makes it perfect for the season!

Caring for your feet in summer

Long live bare feet and flip-flops, but beware of dry feet. You have to focus on foot care, use it and abuse it.

Perhaps the products that are specific to them are not as easy to find as for the face? Whatever the reasons, today Les Sens de Marrakech offers gentle and effective products to take care of them.

Among them you will find,
– the exfoliating and refreshing cream composed of argan shells and rice powder to eliminate calluses
– the traditional pumice stone rub in circular motions to get rid of roughness
– and the Foot Cream to use at the end of the routine to give more flexibility and softness

Find out more aboutall our foot care products.

So here are our beauty tips to have a beautiful face and body this summer. No matter where you’re headed, these tips will be most useful to you.