A natural beauty with the verbena range

In the universe of the magic of the Orient, Les Sens de Marrakech presents its range of verbena-based cosmetics that you can find online.

Natural beauty products based on lemon verbena, emblematic plant of the Marrakech region

Harvested in early spring and late summer in the heart of Moroccan lands, this verbena so typical of Marrakech was the source of inspiration to create natural products inspired by the traditional beauty recipes of the Orient .
Verbena is known for its refreshing and soothing virtues as well as its fresh and delicate scent. It is the essential ingredient to feel good in your body.

Verbena range, a special creation by Les Sens de Marrakech

The brand Les Sens de Marrakech has developed a range of beauty products based on lemon verbena that you can find in the form of soaps, nourishing oils and body milks in bottles with elegant oriental design, manufactured entirely by hand.

Derived from the traditional Moroccan recipes, the beauty products of the verbena range are made from carefully selected natural ingredients and whose benefits on your skin are visible. This range is softer, velvety and pleasantly scented.
Clean your body with a selection of soaps based on argan oil, shea butter and shower gel made from aloe vera and verbena. Continue your beauty ritual with the desert sand scrub and verbena for a soft and velvety skin cleansed of all its impurities. Then feed it intensely with milk or body oil.
You can also use our famous traditional hakkan glove, with its small pieces of soap impregnated with argan oil, shea butter and Verbena perfume extracts for exfoliation of the skin.

For dry and fragile nature skin, the verbena sensual body oil concentrated argan oil and verbena to gently nourish the skin. Also, for a beautiful gift idea, Les Sens de Marrakech offers you an elegant mini vanity including a selection of beauty products from the verbena range (Ancestral shower gel verbena, Oriental body milk verbena and the hard soap verbena), convenient to bring your favorite products everywhere with you.

Don't hesitate to discover the verbena range at Les Sens de Marrakech to enjoy the best natural cosmetics.