Here are our favorites of the season for EXTRAORDINARY skin and nails!

No more excuses this winter to make yourself beautiful and spoil your body. And in the spotlight, find our favorite products with olive oil: olive oil black soap and perfect oils with olive oil.

They are perfect for the season, your skin and nails will surely say thank you. Read below to get to know them better. But before seeing its benefits, a little story about the olive tree and its place in Morocco.

The olive tree, a cherished tree in Morocco

The olive tree is one of the most precious trees in Morocco. For more details in figures, it constitutes at least 55% of the Kingdom’s tree orchard. Its value is that not only is it prized for its cosmetic and nutritional benefits, but it also provides work for about 7 million families. Indeed, the majority of farmers find in it a constant source of income. This oleic tree can be found all over the Kingdom, especially in Marrakech, Sidi Kacem and Béni Mellal.

And the country intends to plant even more of it than before. We consume the fruits but we also get the oil from it. They have been noticed: everywhere in the medinas and souks, these olives of all colors well arranged and eye-catching, ready to be eaten. While more than a tradition, Moroccan olive oil is nowadays an oil recognized for its culinary and therapeutic benefits. It is consumed both locally and abroad.

Did you know that? Morocco is the world’s 5th largest producer of olive oil? From 2019 to 2020, it has exported 3380 tons to the European Union. It is narrowly outstripped by Spain, Tunisia, Italy and Greece. This surprises no one! Moreover, it is in this dear country, more precisely in the Atlas region that we think we find one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world!

And it is then to share this tree with multiple benefits that we have created the products below. All beautiful products, in homage to the lands of Morocco, the olive tree and the natural olive oil it produces.

African black soap with olive oil for the skin

With its black and pasty appearance as well as its composition, it is not for nothing that black soap is called Olive Paste. Indeed, it is composed largely of olive oil and argan oil, which are both renowned for their benefits to the skin.

Thus, you should know that Olive Paste can be suitable for all skin types since its base is 100% natural ingredients. It keeps its traditional recipe: free of dyes and other additives that detract from its purity. However, it is available in eucalyptus scented format, which does not take away from its quality but gives it a pleasant scent.

Apart from that, note that African black soap would help to fight the effects of bacteria and thus leaves the skin protected and nourished. In short, Pâte d’olive black soap is an incomparable ally for a perfect and gentle exfoliation. Use 2 to 3 times a week for deep cleansing.

How to use olive paste on the skin?

Ideally, you should go to the sauna or under a steam bath to open the pores before applying the black soap. Otherwise, simply moisten it with warm water.

Then apply a thin layer to the skin and leave on for about 15 minutes. Then, using the kessa glove, rub the skin to remove all impurities and dead cells. Once this is done, simply rinse with warm water. You will then see a beautiful, new skin.

The pure olive oil and argan oil contained in the natural black soap should be enough to leave the skin nourished. However, if you have very dry skin, you can always smear yourself with oriental milk after bathing or use water care oil after applying the Olive Paste.

Take advantage of the Luxurious hammam box to find your indispensable hammam. Apart from the glove kessa and olive paste, it also contains argan oil 10ml and rhassoul.

Olive oil for nails and cuticles

Fed up with dry, brittle and fragile nails? Here is the miracle solution: a complex with 4 perfect oils including olive oil to strengthen them.

On the one hand, dry and brittle nails are the result of too little hydration. They are most often caused by repeated washing and drying of the nails for example.
On the other hand, soft and brittle nails are the result of too much moisture, often due to overexposure to detergents, household cleaners and nail polish remover.

In all cases, Perfect oils with olive oil comes to the rescue with its formula specially concocted to improve the health of nails and cuticles. So after each wash, gently massage the oil into cuticles and nails. Repeat as often as necessary without rinsing.

Little extra to protect your hands and nails:

Wear gloves: to protect yourself from the cold, but also when doing household chores. Whether it’s winter gloves, washing-up gloves or cleaning gloves. Gloves can protect your hands and nails against the cold, but also against the effects of aggressive chemicals, such as detergents and cleaning fluids.